NeoGAF is down status update – DDoS attack

Update 2: We have just been contacted by NeoGAF to say the forum has suffered a, “Large scale DDoS attack has been inbound on NeoGAF throughout the day.”

Update: NeoGAF has been coming back up and gong back down throughout the day.

It would seem that NeoGAF is down for everyone on July 3, and so not an isolated issue. This will be a bit of an issue for gamers, as they look for vital gaming updates today. We are not sure why the forum is down, we just know it has not been up for three hours now.

Current NeoGAF status shows that the website is still down and we have even visited their official Twitter page to see if there was any planned maintenance, but there is not, and so this outage is a mystery.

NeoGAF down today

With no news being reported on NeoGaf being down on July,3, 2015 we ask that you visit our page dedicated to NeoGaf problems to share with us your thoughts, and what issues you are having.

If there is no planned maintenance, then maybe this could be down to a major outage caused by a spike in traffic, although you would presume their servers would be up to the job.



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