Mortal Kombat X 1.07 update notes with Klassic Ermac

By Alan Ng - Jul 3, 2015

A massive new Mortal Kombat X 1.07 update on PS4 has just gone live, adding another batch of character tweaks and perhaps more importantly a free Klassic Ermac skin.

We have the full MKX 1.07 update notes on PS4 and Xbox One for those that want to know what is new in Mortal Kombat X after the update – the update is live on PS4 right now and should be available for Xbox One very soon.

We knew that Klassic Ermac would be coming soon, we actually thought it would be with 1.06 but we were close enough. You can now enjoy Ermac from his UMK3 days and the debate now has to be on whether Reptile is going to be getting a proper Klassic skin.


Above is the in-game Mortal Kombat X 1.07 notes as they appear on PS4, but they don’t list the full changes. These are located on the official forums and it looks like Tanya has been hit with a big nerf.


There’s also online compatibility added for Tremor who is the last of the four Kombat Pack characters, as well as information regarding another Klassic character skin pack featuring Kung Lao, Jax and Quan Chi.

Take a look at the full notes above and let us know your thoughts on them. Are you very happy about Klassic Ermac, but frustrated about DLC character Tanya?

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  • robvo_20

    The skin looks great 🙂

  • Jonathan Gutierrez

    Shinnok need bring mk4

  • A Bake

    PooAss4? Are you mad we bought a GAMING system as opposed to $500 television remote?

  • Surprise Patrick

    And of course PooAss4 owners get their dicks sucked, getting patches/add-ons first.

  • YungStar Jc

    Red Steel!!! Forget the klassic it looks horrible to me…

  • kakashi100

    I don’t have this patch, on ps4 :/