MKX Tanya nerf after update frustrates fans

By Alan Ng - Jul 3, 2015

As we have just told you moments ago, there’s a new MKX update on PS4 and Xbox One to install – adding a new batch of character tweaks which NetherRealm believes will benefit the overall balance of the game.

Reaction to the patch has been divided though, as contained on the MKX 1.07 patch notes is number of changes to Tanya’s moveset – changes which fans are unlikely going to be too happy about.

Firstly, take a look at the official character changes as they appear on the notes – Tanya has had the most changes (six) in this update compared to any other character.


As you can see, they include massive changes to the way her teleport works in the game, with NetherRealm removing invulnerability frames and adding in as many as 10 recovery frames after landing from a teleport.

You’ll now no longer be able to instantly perform air fire blasts after a teleport too, as NetherRealm has added another 5 recovery frames in this instance.

Now take a look at what MKX gamers are saying about the MKX Tanya ‘nerf’ after finding out her mechanics have been changed – no more chains into ground attacks or 2in1 special cancels are definitely going to hurt some Tanya players out there.


Are you disappointed about this, given the fact she’s a premium character and has only just been launched? Many players have spent weeks trying to perfect her moves, but now they are going to have to re-adjust after the changes.

Let us know your thoughts on this and whether you think the nerf was needed, or if you think it’s unfair.

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  • ariessiren

    They nerf the girl, but leave scorpion reset n quan chi summoner in. Bs

  • Surprise Patrick

    I’d like to know where the hell the patch for Xbox One is!?

  • mohammed Tadayyon

    Dear Product Review Admin,
    Would appreciate if you could direct this email to NRS

    Dear NRS,
    First and foremost, would like to express our disappointment towards this launched patch note aiming to kill a character which by all means the negative frames that you have added completely destroyed the player in many aspects… after this update, we are in the middle east complaining for having a dlc character that Is regarded worldwide an overwhelmed player getting the nerf in such a way that is unfair to the players who certainly are getting the hang of her , for the game itself and last but not least to the money that we paid for her… We feel completely robbed as you shouldn’t have made the following:
    1. The added recovery frame was completely unnecessary
    2. Completely removed the chain of combos

    In view of the above, you have killed the player quite dramatically that people will start to consider why they have paid that sum of money in the first place having known that such update is around the corner… what I want from NRS is to reconsider our appeal on this manner and get the player back on her feet before we surely start losing faith in the games perspectives and directions and visions… Please unfold this issue to NRS the soonest… This is insain to nail a player with this calibre.. NRS please reconsider our position as fans and as players and as our money spent trusting your visions and rightful adjustments in the game.

    Ps4 id: XxhamoodbuffonxX
    Email add:

    • Guy

      This is dumb. Hamoodbuffon you are dumb and you should feel dumb. Such a feeble attempt to be heard. So many spelling and grammatical errors it pains me to read this tripe. “NRS please reconsider”…”our money spent trusting your visions”… You are dumb. Their nerf is still their vision you dolt. Either you trust or not. If not – don’t buy the game. Stop complaining.
      Save society and do us all a favour: go get your tubes tied because the thought of someone like you reproducing in this world hurts.
      Darwin lied. You should be dead by now.
      Idiocracy here we come.

  • mohammed Tadayyon

    Dear product review admin,