Destiny Xur map location

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2015

Changes after The Taken King mean finding the Destiny Xur location for October 23, 2015 will be more interesting and can be found in a number of ways this week with the most simple form being a map. Those that know the virtual world really well might only need the area name, although seeing where is Xur by map just makes everything that bit quicker to be one of the first purchasing a new Destiny Year Two Exotic weapon or piece of armor this weekend.

You will see the Destiny Xur map location below and it will be updated on Friday, October 23 with a red dot revealing the agents whereabouts. If you want a video and further insight for all items being sold this week, then you should see popular Destiny website Where Is Xur, which has provided this map for Product Reviews.


What time does Xur come out on Destiny in GMT, BST, and EST? Currently, Xur arrives at 9AM GMT, 10AM BST, and 5AM EST. For the exact location see above and items being sold can be seen with a video via the Where Is Xur website, or by following our Destiny news hub. Look out for the red dot to appear around the time above each week.

Let us know what Year Two exotics you have received so far and what you are looking for Xur to sell next.

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  • kingsman

    anyone get the hereafter?

  • rob

    monte carlo, i need it or the khepri’s sting.

  • sam

    still can’t beat king’s fall .. any tips guys?

  • gally

    hoping for the gjallarhorn, don’t care if it’s been nerfed or not.

  • monty

    guys will he ever have monte carlo now after hawk moon? i need it badly

  • wtfxur

    by the speaker guys, go go go

  • statman

    bet he will sell monte carlo today.. calling it.

  • Dan

    What does everyone want in terms of Year Two Exotics from Xur on Sept 25?

  • Mikey

    it’s surely time for Xur to bring that Ice Breaker, saying that what’s all this about not being in Year Two exotic upgrades.

  • jackrabbit

    who did everyone get from their legacy engram?

  • takenpete

    Oh the speaker.. thanks! was wondering where he was today.

  • MikeD

    What time does Xur arrive on September 18 in Australia? Also, I don’t understand all the Xur changes since Taken King launch.

  • MikeD

    What time does Xur arrive on September 18 in Australia? Also, I don’t understand all the Xur changes since Taken King launch.

  • Robert

    Loads of changes to exotics Xur will sell in TTK from today, anyone upset about these changes?

  • Steve

    What does Xur have this Friday Sept 18 for The Taken King?

  • Mikey

    Can we find out the destiny xur location this weekend before Friday?

  • Rick

    Bring on the Ice Breaker all, any complaints about that for this Friday?

  • Ben

    I think it’s crazy sometimes with what types of weapons Xur sells, like getting two snipers back-to-back each week. I know it’s random, but sometimes I would like some exceptions put in with a random process that cannot have two of the same types back-to-back. At least it’s still random from loads of exotics, although at the same time stopping the same weapon or type of weapon two weeks in a row, which has happened.

  • Jess

    I want Xur to sell the Gjallarhorn as missed out last time, bet that isnt going to happen for weeks now sadly.

  • Harris

    Icebreaker, still waiting for this exotic Xur. To Ben, it’s just over 1.5 hours until Xur’s arrival time.

  • Ben

    Reef for Tower, anyone know where Xur is today? I cannot find him, unless he’s not there yet not sure what time he arrives in the UK.

  • Michael

    just over 12 hours to go until Xur returns to destiny.

  • coolparty

    waiting for icebreaker man

  • reeeef

    he is in the reef guys not the tower! don’t be fooled like i was lol

  • BeastYO LObananA

    hope he sells the ram

  • carefree

    mida multi tool is overdue

  • stillwaiting

    When will xur offer those PS exclusive exotics… thought the exclusivity was finished by now.

  • Matthew

    Hawk moon please Xur.

  • Kyle

    Looks like it’s Red death Vs Ice Breaker for most wanted today.

  • Ben

    Anyone got any predictions for xur that odds say could happen for sept 4? Ice Breaker has to be soon.

  • Dan

    Peregrine Greaves (Titan leg armour)
    Crest of Alpha Lupi (Hunter chest armour)
    Apotheosis Veil (Warlock helmet)
    Plan C fusion rifle
    Gauntlet engram

  • Dan

    He’s at the bottom of the tower, not the top.

  • derek

    what is he selling??

  • rrrooop

    thanks , running to the hangar nw!!

  • Megan

    What time does xur appear in Europe, been looking for his location and can’t find him?

    • kat

      9am gmt

    • Dan

      9am GMT
      10am British summer time
      11am Europe summer time

  • ricky

    Just over 3 hours until xur gives me my Ice Breaker exotic today, I hope.

  • Ben

    IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN, I’M HOPING we see some new gear from XUR ON 28TH of aug.

  • Lewis

    Xur in Destiny on August 25, seriously? Let me know the location if anyone finds him in Destiny today, or if this is just an appearance from Xur with news today.

  • Mikey

    Where is Xur today, I heard he will be in a new location before Friday. Could we really see Xur on a Tues? This will be a first, saying that they did leave him longer before when there had been server problems, so anything is possible.

  • Dan

    Xur went on the Destiny Instagram yesterday, it looks like his “will is not” his own. Whatever that means, maybe we will see Xur in a new location on Aug 25 with a new exotic weapon today.

  • Ben

    Could we be seeing Xur on Tuesday 8/25, I saw some news on the official Destiny Instagram. It revealed Xur talking about new exotic items tomorrow, as in today August 25, 2015.

  • frankybonz

    Xur……..please sell HARD LIGHT…….you sold 4 secondary
    weapons…then two primary…then two heavy……please sell HARD LIGHT
    for a primary on 08/28/2015….its been 10 weeks since your last HARD
    LIGHT sell

  • saywhat

    thunderlord definitely isn’t crap if you didn’t have it before.. I’m happy this week!

  • MadPerson

    He sold crap again he’s selling thunderlord… ALREADY 5 OF THEM AND 2 GHORNS FROM NIGHTFALLS AND STILL NO FRIGGIN ICEBREAKER!!!!!!!

  • boiii

    at vanguard vendors, NOT reef ^^

  • BearTrap100

    Where is he has any1 found him he isnt in the reef so…

  • bummer

    icebreaker or hard light would be good for me.. nothing can follow the ghorn.

  • Dylan Blake Puentes

    i want ice breakebreaker and red death

  • Ben

    Icebreaker, I been asking xur for weeks now.

  • freddy

    i can die happy now.. gjallarhorn is mine!

  • ohnohedidnt

    gjallarhorn wtf!!!

  • Mohistar


  • Rob

    Red Death, Gjallahorn, or MIDA Multi-Tool is what I want xur to be selling today.

  • Tilly

    We need the icebreaker everyone it’s been weeks, bet Xur is a letdown once again.

    • Tony

      2.5 hours to go and we will know, personally another Destiny sniper from xur sounds a great idea.

  • fredddy

    waiting for xur like a sad mofo

  • clary

    still waiting for thunderlord man.. has xur ever sold it??

  • Lively

    I guess all these xur predictions never ring true due to the weapon and aug 7 location being random, unless you get lucky that is. Has anyone seen predictions from one person get it right 2 weeks in a row?

    • miracleworker

      a group correctly predicted bones of eao last week.. it does happen

  • Rob

    Destiny the taken king is coming next month, will this impact xur in anyway?

  • ben

    I still want to see Ice Breaker, hopefully my luck is in on Aug 7 with the next exotic weapon. Still got 2 hours with Xur for now, then he will be gone until then.

    • Nathan

      I’m with you there, ice breaker all the way to the BANK xur. We got 19 hours to wait until we find out his location, as well as if it’s finally the ice breaker.

  • Preston J Farris

    he is selling suros regime and he is at the reef. btw thorn is an exotic bounty weapon.

  • Murray Brown

    Hes not showed up and its14 mins past ten im in the uk where is he is he at the vestian outpost hlp plz coz im freakin out here guys! Thank you

  • Murray Brown

    Hopefully a engram helmet or the last word or thorn

  • Ron

    xur predictions, anyone?

  • Billy

    Thanks, I been using this xur location map for a few weeks. Just wanted to know if you update in just over 4 hours, is that the time?

  • Jess

    Ice Breaker hasn’t shown up in a while, I really want this exotic for the next major weapon on sale? Hopefully he’s selling that today, July 31.

  • Nathan

    I wanted to know what time xur comes out in the UK, is it still 10AM?

  • Simon

    Anyone got any xur predictions, or will it always be random?

  • Rob

    Where is xur today and what time does xur come?

  • henry455

    xur back to offering rubbish then.. when is he gonna have the suros regime?

  • rgot

    patience and time guys!!

  • myter

    can’t believe he didn’t have a weapon… what was bungie’s excuse, anyone know??

  • billy

    where is he guys?

  • confused

    wtf where is xur’s weapon today i don’t see it

  • Ricky

    Love this xur location map, so simple but also great to work out where to find xur really quick. Also, one of the first sites to report his location, thanks guys keep up the good work.

  • Ben

    By the bar in the tower hangar, not far from where xur was last week.

  • fateful

    given up hope of seeing the gjallar.. wonder if xur will be back at Reef today

    • gimme5

      no he’s in the tower bar

  • Ben

    Icebreaker is what we need, or shall I shall the odds point to the ice breaker being one of Xur’s weapons really soon and maybe in July 2015.

  • Adam Rutar

    Plase the last world or suros regime !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • surrossssss

    need suros regime from xur man


      that gun is crap u know that right since the nerf on auto rifles any gun in that class is a cancer :/ but i can understand if ur aiming to collect every exotic

  • ben

    Selling Universal Remote and Xur is by the Hangar.

  • Dan

    Thanks, this made it really easier to find out where xur is today.

  • xurguy

    i think xur is gonna be by the bar today

  • Billy

    I like the videos, but to be honest when we are all rushing to find Xur each Friday a map has been what I’ve been looking for. If you update this every friday at said times, then I will be bookmarking this page, Thanks.