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New radical Snapchat update for July

It was a huge day for Snapchat yesterday because the app got a radical update for July, which adds several new features. However, there only seems to be one that everyone is talking about, and that is the fact you will no longer need to keep your finger on the screen to view a Snap or Story.

In this new Snapchat update for July on Android and iOS you only have to Tap to View, and while it does not seem much to those of you that have never used Snapchat – trust us it is, as you will not longer get a tired thumb when watching more that one Story.

Snapchat update for July

We suspect it will take Snapchat users a little time to get used to this new way to view a Snap or Story, although once you get the hang of it you will never look back.

Other new Snapchat features – If you wish to make new friends you can now use Add Nearby, which is a fast way to add a group of friends that you are currently hanging out with. The way you do this is for everyone to open Add Nearby, a list of the firneds will then appear on the screen and you just tap to add them, it’s as simple as that.

This update also allows you to Tap your Snapcode so that you can add a selfie, or Add by Snapcode in order to screenshot a friend’s Snapcode, and finally, Share your Snapcode by exporting it directly from the app.

If you have installed the new update we would love to know what you think, and if there are any teething issues?



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