COD Supremacy DLC clarity for 3 download file sizes

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 2, 2015

As we have seen with previous map packs on PS4 or PS3, there’s some clarity needed in regard to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare players trying to download the Supremacy DLC. You might notice 3 file sizes on the PS4, which again has led to gamers asking what file size they should download for the July 2nd Advanced Warfare DLC? For certain disc versions, the biggest size will be a good bet.

Once you install any COD Advanced Warfare update today, you might notice the new Exo Carrier zombies within the game menu. After you try to download the Supremacy DLC once obviously purchase, unless you have a season pass, then you’ll see 3 files to download without any details on which is the right one for you. This has caused confusion once again like we saw with the Havoc DLC.

We can confirm that CUSA-00851 version of Advanced Warfare needs only to download the largest file from the 3 options. So, check your disc version if you are not using a digital version of the latest COD game.


If you have a very fast broadband connection like BT Fibre in the UK, then you could just download all three files that might end up being around 13GB to 16GB. Fast connections can download all files within 2 hours, or even faster for Product Reviews readers in cities like London or New York. If you have a slower broadband connection, then it’s worth finding out what file you should download, which is why some are leaving messages on Twitter asking, “What file do I download for Supremacy DLC in Advanced Warfare?”.

You might not get the answer you want when phoning PlayStation support, as they are telling gamers to download all 3 files. Also, file sizes will vary by UK, USA, and platform.

Are you going to download all 3 file sizes for COD Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC on PS4? Share the file size you downloaded below, and what version of the game you have to help others. Product Reviews readers can share disc versions and file sizes they downloaded for COD AW Supremacy DLC today, which will obviously help others save time.

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  • tareq zitawi

    I have R3 – CUSA 00853 – I am wonder which file to pick one 4.984 and one 4.771 and one 4.764 if anybody know please share insted of downloading 3 of them on my PS4

  • apipe

    I used the 4.984 GB dlc3.. Located in UK / CUSA 00851 is the code on my box. 🙂

  • Rob

    I have CUSA-00851, the biggest file size is the correct one.


      I just went to my library in the ps store (i preordered the DLC) and selected the only option that was available. it is what i normally do, never had a problem before.