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Advanced Warfare PS4 update today for DLC 3

There will be another Call of Duty Advanced Warfare update today for PS4 and also most likely the PS3 platform as well. This will be to give the PlayStation platforms support for Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC 3, which released on Xbox about a month ago and finally will be live for download on Thursday July 2, 2015.

This new downloadable content brings 4 new multiplayer maps and some massive changes to the zombies mode, especially important if you only play this Call of Duty version for zombies. We have spent many hours playing the new Carrier Exo Zombies map and it’s really impressed us with all the new perks. If you play zombies a lot, you really got to get the new map to see what we mean.

Advanced Warfare PS4 update today for DLC 3

You should notice a new COD Advanced Warfare update on PS4 this morning, although we checked a few moments ago and it wasn’t live yet. The patch notes will be found on this Call of Duty community page after the patch is live, and we have had a rough guess at the release time for Supremacy DLC 3 on PlayStation in this article.

Do you see the new Advanced Warfare PS4 or PS3 update live today? If not, keep an eye on this page and we will update our readers when it’s live. Leave a comment if you run into problems downloading the DLC 3, installing the likely AW 1.19 PS4 update, or keep connected to the official SH Games Twitter for news there as well.



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