All Arkham Knight Riddler Trophies, Riddles locations

For those that are working your way through the Arkham Knight Riddler Trophies, we have some help on hand to ensure that you can find all Arkham Knight Riddle locations to complete the full set of Riddler Trophies and Riddles in the game.

The main reward on offer is a secret boss fight with Riddler, but more on that later. Now most of you will want to know where all of the riddles are in Arkham Knight and we have just the video to show you.

As far as we’re aware, there’s 243 riddler trophies in Arkham Knight and some of you may be problems finding all of them since there’s a few tricky ones.


Luckily, YouTube channel PowerPyx is on hand with a full walkthrough for Batman Arkham Knight Riddler trophies. Given that there’s so many trophies and riddles to find, they don’t fit into a single video.

So you’ll have to choose the section you want, Batman Arkham Knight HQ or Bleake Island for example – we’ve included a few videos below for these, but the rest is on the channel for you to choose.

Let us know how you get on with this and if you are able to use the guide to find all Arkham Knight riddles and trophies. Have you unlocked everything at the end and faced Riddler as a boss?



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