Xbox Live Core Services down with July 1 problems

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 1, 2015

Xbox Live Core Services are down right now and there’s been problems reported on the server status page since 7:25PM on July 1, 2015. This is within the Uk timezone, but the issues are believed to be global with both the UK and parts of USA impacted by the outage.

The screenshot below reveals a glimpse of the red alert and Xbox Live status seen just moments ago. This mentions “Xbox Live Core Services” and “signing into Xbox Live” being the main cause of issues, which obviously have taken Xbox One and 360 consoles down for online play.


Are you not able to sign into Xbox Live today and if so, what console and in what country? Microsoft’s status update explained that their team was “investigating this issue”, although this seemed like a regular message and didn’t detail the exact cause of the downtime.

This story is developing and we will have more in the next hour. It’s worth nothing that with Xbox Live going down, this is why you cannot play the likes of Destiny, GTA V, and Advanced warfare, so it’s not a problem with 3rd party servers.

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  • Jerry Celotto

    I had a problem with signing in twice and than I would get disconnected. the first problem was when the Kinect would sign me in, And than I would get disconnected within 5 minutes after being sign in. I try again with the Kinect and It would do the same thing all over again. At first I thought there was a problem with the Kinect? so I tried again only this time with my controller! which would be my second problem. After being disconnected from my Kinect I sign in with the controller I knew my email address & my password by heart. After I put in my password in everything was going good so I waited for my profile to be connected to XBOX LIVE but after so long of a wait I got this message from XBOX LIVE saying ” I’M SORRY GERALD WERE HAVING A PROBLEM WITH SIGNING YOU IN RIGHT NOW. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER “. So I did just that! a half hour had gone by and I sign in again with my controller, and again I was not sign into XBOX LIVE. And I live in the United States.

  • ShoNuff

    We had no problems here where I live in the USA. It was up all day with no issues.

  • TheKidDalties

    Not working in Canada, thought it was my stupid wifi

  • Brenda Vander Woude

    Not working in Italy. Can’t log in at all.

    • Brenda Vander Woude

      After posting i was able to sign in…

  • Rob

    It looks like this is mostly hurting the UK, can anyone confirm the Xbox Live core services are down for UK only?

  • Mikey

    Xbox Live is down, I managed to get in for a second and then got kicked off FIFA 15 servers again.

  • marhorn

    It’s working fine for me…..bit slow maybe

  • Bob

    I thought it was FIFA 15 servers, then checked Destiny and wondered why their servers are down. Now I see this is xbox live core services, at least I now know who has the issues.