PS Plus July 2015 PS4, PS3 games live on July 7

We know everyone is patiently waiting for Sony to reveal the PS Plus July 2015 free games lineup on PS4 and PS3. Most of you were expecting the games to go live this week but as we told you recently – Sony has reiterated that there will be a slight change for July.

Earlier we told you about the fact that if Sony were to go live with the games at the very start of the month, they would have to do it one day earlier on Tuesday June 30.

Since that doesn’t make sense as it’s still June and not July, the only alternative option is having the games release one week later on July 7.


We told you that this may happen and now Sony has confirmed it as fact as you can see from community manager Fred Dutton’s reply to one user in a PS Blog update.

So it means that subscribers will be getting the free games for less than a month this time around, but when August comes the games will arrive sooner on August 3 which is much better.

We still don’t know what games will be coming, despite the fact that there’s countless rumors online suggesting that Rocket League, Batman Arkham Origins and Rayman Legends are all contenders.

Let us know your thoughts on the fact that you now need to wait until July 7 to get the games for this month – is it a problem waiting or not?



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