Indiegogo down intermittently over Greek bailout campaign

The crowdfunding website Indiegogo keeps going down intermittently today because of a recent campaign, which is unlike any other we have seen. The Indiegogo Greek bailout fund or campaign as many people are calling it aims to help get Greece out of its crisis, and so aims to raise a staggering 1.6 billion euros.

It’s a bit of a stretch to expect the entire €1,600,000,000 goal to be reached in 6 days, especially as only €580,516 has been raised so far, which does not even come to 1 percent of the sum needed.

Indiegogo Greek bailout campaign

However, we have to be amazed at just how much has been raised, which is why we have seen Indiegogo servers struggling under the huge number of people coming to visit the website.

We had assumed that engineers already got the servers back up to speed, but things have slowed down once again today – maybe it is because things are not looking too good for Greece at the moment, and people are trying to do all they can?

The guy behind the campaign believes that if each of the 500 million people that reside in Europe were to contribute a few euros, then enough should be raised to help bail the country out.



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