GTA V Online Double Money, RP live for 5 days

We have some great news for all GTA 5 Online players now. Rockstar isn’t waiting until July 4 to start the celebrations for this year – GTA V Double Cash and Double RP is now live in the game until July 6.

If you missed it last year, the content is going to be the same which means the return of the highly popular Liberator monster truck.

You’ll also have the opportunity to buy a firework launcher and the Sovereign Motorcycle. Rockstar has Tweeted out the good news to tell everyone that they have now gone live with the GTA Online GTA$ Event Playlist + 2X RP in all Jobs and Activities in the game.


As you can imagine this is amazing news for those that have always wanted to buy the Liberator truck. It’s also very important as it now allows players to earn enough cash, ready to buy new vehicles such as the Coil Brawler which will arrive with the Ill Gotten Gains DLC 2 update next week.

Head into your game now and you should see the double GTA$ and double RP activated already. Let us know what you think about the Independence Day content too, if you didn’t experience it last year – what items will you buy from the list?

Also, let us know how much money you plan to save up in order to have a ‘safe’ amount stored for the big update next week.



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