GTA Online Ill Gotten Gains DLC 2 release date

We now have the information that GTA Online fans have been waiting to hear. Rockstar has gone live with their unveiling of the Ill Gotten Gains DLC Part 2 which will be coming next week.

Even better, we can now share the official GTA Online Ill Gotten Gains DLC 2 release date which is going to be on Wednesday July 8 – not July 7 as some had expected since updates usually arrive on a Tuesday.

Just like Part 1, Part 2 is going to introduce another collection of new GTA Online cars from Ill Gotten Gains. These include the Coil Brawler, Lampadati Toro, Invetero Coquette BlackFin, stylish Progen T20, Vapid Chino and a new bike with the Dinka Vindicator.


There’s also going to be some new weapons in GTA Online too. These will include the Knuckledusters and the Marksman Pistol – both of which will be available from AmmuNation at the time of release.

We know most of you bought some of the gold vehicles and weapons from Part 1, but we hope you have some spare cash saved up as you are going to need to spend another near fortune to get all of these goodies.

As always, once we have the Ill Gotten Gains vehicle and weapon prices, we will let you know. In the meantime, give us your reaction to the update – pictures of the new vehicles are at the Newswire so let us know which one is your favorite.



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