Advanced Warfare Supremacy PS4, PS3 DLC release time

It’s that time again for PlayStation and PC users. One month has passed so it’s time for the COD AW Supremacy DLC release time for PS4, PS3 and PC.

This is the COD AW DLC Map Pack 3 for the game after Ascendance and as we gave you a reminder earlier this week – Thursday July 2 is the big day for release.

As always many of you are asking what time does Supremacy DLC come out for PS4 and PS3 in the US and UK. So far there hasn’t been an exact time revealed by Sledgehammer Games but we can give you a heads-up on what time the content should be available.

If we follow previous trends for Ascendance and Havoc before it, then we should be seeing Supremacy go live on the PS Store at around 1-2am Pacific Time.


If accurate, it means that those waiting for Supremacy PS4 DLC on Eastern Time should start looking at 4-5am in the morning.

The UK release time for Supremacy on PS4 and PS3 should be around 9-10am as it always seems to pop up on the PlayStation Store around then.

We may see an update on Twitter from either Michael Condrey or Glen Schofield with an exact time so keep your eyes peeled.

It has been a long wait PS4 and PC gamers, so are you looking forward to playing Carrier Exo Zombies, as well as the Highrise remake Skyrise multiplayer map?

Let us know the minute you see the download appear for you in your region.



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