iOS 8.4 has not fixed WiFi problems

By Peter Chubb - Jul 1, 2015

Update: It would seem that Apple has not fixed this WiFi issue, as it still seems to be a problem for some of you, which you can see from the comments below.

It seems like we have been talking about the next iOS 8 update for months, and so we are so glad it is finally here, as iOS 8.4 update went live a couple of hours ago. This latest version comes with a host of new features, although it is the fact that Apple promises that it has fixed the persistent WiFi problems that will excite affected users the most.

Not all iOS 8.3 users were affected by the WiFi problems, and so many of you will wonder what we are going on about. It only seemed to affect iPad owners, and has been doing so since iOS 8 was released last September.

iOS 8.4 finally fixes WiFi problems

Has it truly fixed the issue? While we know that iOS 8.4 was meant to finally resolve the WiFi problem, we have yet to hear from users to see if it actually has, so it would be nice if you could let Product-Reviews know by commenting below.

We have yet to hear from anyone in regards to iOS 8.4 going live, although we can already see that some people have been saying the download size is varying. Some people said that it is a 222MB download size, while others say less, although we suspect it depends on what device it is being installed on.

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  • Vaneet Gupta

    I have iphone 6 plus, update my ios to 8.4.1 last month. After I am facing the wifi connection issues and mail app hangs , also not able to send mail via gmail id. I am fed up from IOS-8.4.1 update. We are paying lot of money on iPhone. Not getting customer satisfaction. Better , next time think about to purchase the low range of mobile. If iPhone having same kind of issues. I check from Apple Authorized Service Center. Still not resolved. Waiting IOS-9 , may be it will resolve in that update.

  • Sisir

    updated my ipad mini to 8.4.1 today but the wifi issue is not solved yet. It show wifi connection but it is too tooo tooooooooo sluggish . Takes hours to download/update a small apps. With my inbuilt ios8 there was no such issue. Really tired and pissed off. apple with wifi problem is a nothing stuff.

  • Michael

    Since upgrading to ios 8.4 the wireless on my Ipad Air 2 has gone from bad to useless. Come on you guys at Apple you are making us sound like a bunch of winging Windows users. Surely this can not be that difficult to resolve. I have to add that I recently and reluctantly put Windows 10 on a spare laptop and the Wifi works perfectly at all the same locations.
    Don’t do this to us Apple. Listen before it is too late

  • Jean

    I had no wifi problems until the newest update BUMMER. I have to shut down and restart, next thing I know it happens again. I’m a VERY unhappy camper !

  • Steve Brook

    Never really had a problem with WiFi on 8.3, I must have been lucky. Usually any problems were actually to do with my hub. But Damn it, since upgrading to 8.4, I am losing connection regularly and it is NOT the hub as that is working perfectly when it drops out on my iPad2. Seems to happen when I am watching films streamed from Amazon, two or three times during a film, but then that is pretty much all I use the iPad for now so that is why I notice it then. It seems they may have fixed it for some 8.3 users who had a problem, but now have created a problem for those of us who didn’t have the problem in the first place!

  • Kishore V

    i tried all the trouble shooting steps, but no luck waiting for apple to provide the fix or i need to downgrade it to 8.2

  • Dennis Edwardz

    On my home wireless network my iPad has no problems at all, but when I am on a public network McDonalds for instance), it work for a while then cuts in and out. I think that network discovery keeps trying to connect to another network even though I am already connected. I have a CS degree, but I am not a network expert. I finally have to reset my network (on the iPad), to get it to connect at all on a public network.

  • Mohanad Bakr

    Iphone 6 here,i had this issue since IOS 8.3 , i thought that IOS 8.4 Gonna fix This But Unfortunately Nothing Happenned ,, I Hope IOS 8.4.1 Is Going To Fix And Will Release Soon ^^

  • Kay

    I have an iPhone 5s and updated mine to the 8.4, I never had issues with Wifi connectivity. Today, one of my known networks fails to connect. I toggled the wifi on/off button, still no connection, so I did a soft reset, tried connecting again, no connection then powered down still to no avail and this time it says incorrect password when it is NOT. It’s my work network so I can not reset the router I’ll have to wait until I’m home to play with the settings, restart the router and possibly restore my phone to default. It really is an nuisance!!

  • Muhammad Yasir Malik

    i recently updated my iphone 4s to iOS 8.4, and start facing trouble with internet both on wifi and 3g. Internet speed is sluggish, even i cant open face book, use whatsapp for sending r receiving pics. Kindly help me out. i have tried above mentioned all the things but it did not work. when i tried to restore my iphone, the option of find my iphone is not turning off, as it gives error connecting to icloud. iphone start sucking now…..

  • Greg Uphus

    I didn’t have any WiFi issues with 8.3. Since upgrading to 8.4 I can no longer connect to my wireless router… I can connect to it through an extender but not get on the routers SSID.

  • Sabina

    I have iPhone 5, and never had wifi problems until the 8.4 update. Ironically, my data Internet got super fast with this update, but my wifi internet became slow as molasses. I can’t watch videos anymore, Facebook takes forever to load, and sometimes the wifi signal is low or disappears completely. Now I’m using way too much data and I dread getting the bill this month.

  • Maria

    I have had the wifi issue since iOS 8.3 and was really hoping that the 8.4 would fix these issues… DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH! 😡
    Apple appears to be somewhat incompetent of doing anything to fix the software they made terribly wrong!
    I can only connect to a wifi if I’m stood next to the rooter, if I so much as move a foot away it disconnects! 😡 please sort ASAP! I’m loosing all faith in Apple.

  • iPhone 6 here, several week after update to 8.4 suddenly can’t connect to wifi. Tried all the suggestion. Damn.

    • Ayu

      Got exactly the same problem, after tried network reset my WIFI now become as slow as a prehistoric device

  • Shannon Printz

    Horrible, horrible, horrible! Wait, did I say HORRIBLE!!!!! I have had my iPad for a few years now and have pretty much loved every minute of it, that is until last week when I updated to version 8.4! What a tragic mistake I made. I can no longer keep an internet connection on my iPad. Therefore, I keep loosing access to Facebook, iTunes etc., very frustrating! I have a feeling my iPad is going to become an outdated music player only. This makes me sad. 😥

  • Chloe Parsons

    I haven’t updated my iOS in ages and just updated today, I’ve not had any problems before but now nothing works if I’m connected to wifi, this is really annoying!

  • … Brittney …

    This is pissing me off. I have an iPhone 5s and never really had wifi issues and now that I’ve downloaded iOS 8.4 my phone will not work with any wifi network. Not home nor work! If there were issues before then so be it but now all of a sudden to have this problem is ridiculous I’ve already burnt up my data thanks to this!

  • Kaden

    I just started experiencing problems yesterday. Safari would not load most web pages, and would only load little and stop or halfway and stop. However there is a solution, and it seems to fix my issue. I downloaded VPNDefender and activated the free service. Since then, I haven’t had any issues, but as soon as I deactivate the VPN, the problem persists.

  • Apple Sucker

    ios 8.4 wifi problem still persists. The only think I am thankful for is I have an iPhone 5.
    As I read the posts here with people having issues with iPhone 6 wifi issues, I would be totally pissed having the new phone and wifi issues.
    Come on Apple get this fixed!!!
    Maybe a class action is the only way Apple will take this serious!!!

  • Nope they haven’t fixed this, what’s up Apple. Having fun there working on a useless music apps? I pay over $400 for some quality stuff and I can’t even use my wifi? Oh and don’t do that blow dryer freezer thing, it’ll screw up your phones guys, plus it’s only temporary

  • The Detachist

    Seriously. What’s with this incompetence? We pay a great deal of money so we can be guaranteed from issues that you would expect on an android device. Please fix this ASAP.

  • Anne

    Just updated to the 8.4 2days ago and since then my internet has been very buggy. I can’t even use my cellular data let alone my wifi. The wifi will connect for about 3minutes and then turn itself off again, taking about 10minutes to load a webpage or more often than not it comes up with an error.
    Sort this out Apple! 😤😤

  • Franklin Appleton

    Forgot to mention, i am using ipad air 2 128gb,

  • Franklin Appleton

    Same here, no problem with wifi connection untill updated to ios8.4. Also the touchscreen ( not as responsive as before) and gyroscope seems to be effected? ( sometimes it freeze / won’t change orientations)

  • brizzly

    What’s the meaning of streaming music without wifi, this is damn absurd, I hope for a 8.4.1 right now!

  • julian buckley

    Apparently they were too busy developing Apple Music, so didn’t give a damn to fix the WiFi issue. Since 8.3 it keeps being a major league bummer. As it is now, I could exchange my iPhone5s for a rotary phone and a discman: less stress, same features.

  • John

    Never had any wifi issues before switching to 8.4 (iPhone 6+), but now it keeps dropping my home network I’ve been using for months. It also keeps asking me for the password to the network. It also sometimes won’t actually drop the wifi but nothing loads until you switch to cellular. Then trying to log back on and it asked me for the password 10 times before I gave up and got on my laptop.

    • Franklin Appleton

      Have the same issue with my ipad air 2. Before iOS 8.4 i never had problem with my wifi connection.
      Also my touchscreen and gyroscope sems to be affected as well. Touchscreen become lagging, gyroscope won’t change orientation. Sometimes I have to turn the power off ( press the top right button to shut off the screen) then press the home button, to change the orientation or I have to shake the ipad really hard to make it change orientation )

      • Steve

        IOS 8.4 Wifi problem – Since I loaded IOS 8.4 onto my Iphone 6 I can not connect at all to my wifi network. The wifi network is up and running and other devices such as laptops and my old ipad connect to it perfectly, but my Iphone 6 on IOS 8.4 will not connect top wifi. The only way I can browse safari is by switching off wifi and using Cellular data.

      • Scott

        iPad Air 2, iPad Air Mini, Iphone 5s – All having major wifi drops now. Works perfectly using data plan through carrier. Orientation freezes on iPad Air 2 and my screen freezes playing Netflix consistantly now. Never did that before. Handshake half ass works, and I now get a quick screen flicker once a day on my Macbook Pro. I had the monitor replaced on that about four months ago and it worked flawlessly until I updated. Hell in a handbasket!

  • JohnWK

    Still having the wifi problem on my ipad2
    Tested it with my home network and at work.
    I have to be virtually next to the router in order to get wifi connection.
    Sometimes it asks for the wifi password for a known wifi network.
    When i am very close to the router it will connect.
    4 meters distance is already to far.

  • Brizzly

    Seems very strange Apple releases Music streaming without fixing the WiFried issue, isn’t it ?

  • Brizzly

    Seems good for me, crossing my fingers, i have iPhone 5

  • Vincent Francis

    Nope. Still not working. Mine is an iPhone 4s. This problem started at 8.2. They should do a “recall” if they can’t fix this.

  • GaryEichelberger

    Not fixed. Nope. Same as ever. Apple needs to make this right, or pay for my new reliance on LTE to use this iPad.

  • hector cossyleon

    On my 64gb iPhone 6 (unlocked) on T-Mobile I received messages really late about 3 hrs after they were sent. It’s not the network because my moms flip phone works and when I tried to send a message it kept on giving me a failure notice, when I tried data it worked and so did calling.

  • Anderson Hooper

    Absolutely did not fix the problem.

  • Giovanni de Nobile

    WiFi problem absolutely not fixed!

  • Michael Martin

    just updated my iPhone and iPad to 8.4 and neither will connect to my home network. iMac is fine and so is my Windows PC. Will not accept password to network.

  • SyKoTiK

    No, it did not fix my wifi problems that I never had until upgrading to 8.3. I am still unable to connect to numerous SSIDs.