Destiny servers not available with PSN down now

For those that didn’t get our earlier reminder, we can confirm once again that the Destiny servers are down right now on June 30, in conjunction with scheduled PSN Maintenance from Sony.

To recap, we told you that the PSN was going offline for a total of 90 minutes only. This is scheduled maintenance by Sony as they are calling it ‘essential’ in order to provide future feature enhancements for PS4 and PS3 users.

During the PSN maintenance time today, Sony states that you won’t be able to access Account Management, PlayStation Video or the PlayStation Store.


However, as you can see from the feedback above via Twitter, many Destiny players have just been kicked out of their game and can longer sign-in to PSN.

Hopefully some of you who were already signed-in well before the maintenance started will be fine, but those who have just logged in will probably have to wait the full 90 minutes.

At least this is a relatively short maintenance time compared to huge wait times that we have seen in the past. Are the Destiny servers down in NA and Europe for you right now? Give us your feedback below.



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