Snapchat down, cannot load stories

The popular Snapchat app for Android and iOS devices is not working, as stories are not being refreshed. We can already see that many users have tried to add a new story, only for them to be deleted, and so we can understand their frustration.

We have been on the official Twitter page for Snapchat and they are aware that the service is currently having a few issues, which you can see in the screenshot of the Tweet below.

Snapchat update

It’s not certain how long Snapchat has been down today for, although one of our readers did comment on our dedicated Snapchat status page less than an hour ago to say, “Snapchat story says posted, but when i refresh it disappears, was working this morning but quit around noon. I’ve tried uploading with data, with wifi, on a different phone, and i’ve also tried re-installing the app, no luck.”

We would like to know if you are having problems with Snapchat today, or more so if your stories are not refreshing?



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