Samsung Smart Hub not working say users

By Alan Ng - Jun 29, 2015

It looks like Samsung are having some issues at the moment with Samsung Smart Hub not working and not connecting to the internet on Sunday evening June 28.

We have had several messages from users who say that their Samsung Smart Hub is down tonight, with many looking for a fix from our previous article that we wrote back in April 2015.

We have had a look at the official Samsung TV USA Twitter page, but at the time of writing there has been no statement released, or acknowledgement of the issues that are affecting users.


As you can see from the other feedback we found though, there definitely are problems with Samsung Smart Hub in June 2015, so hopefully Samsung’s technical team are working on a fix.

With the Samsung Smart Hub not connecting, it means that popular apps such as Netflix are unavailable to many users on their TV which is a big problem.

As we wait for an official update on this, let us know if you currently have a problem with your Samsung TV. Is the Samsung Smart Hub down for you right now in your area – which model do you have?

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  • Bryce A

    major issues with smart hub, can’t play amazon, netflix, or even tv over the air.

  • Hermanie Chan

    is it sound from internet cannot out from amplifier??

  • Simon VP

    my smart tv is working this morning

  • Michelle 504

    Back up

  • sss

    yes Samsung tv not working since can not connect to internet

  • Ferd

    DOWN IN RENO!! Wasted 2 hours trying to figure out what was up!

  • nick

    Down in seattle

  • Tim

    Its down in Baltimore Md

  • Andrew

    Down in Southern California too, can’t connect to any internet apps although connection is fine.

  • Christopher Payne

    Down in Monterey, CA. Thankfully I have a #Philips in the bedroom that works just FINE! #SamSUX If you ignore the problem @SamsungSupport it’ll just go away right? #1stworldproblems

  • ctonyperry

    This sucks. Why the hell does my smart tv require a connection to Samsung in order to use Netflix, HBOGo, etc.

    Stupid stupid.

  • Jim Bishop

    Confirmed here in the San Jose Ca area. Smart Hub is down. Wasted 45 min trying to connect with Comcast to later find out it is a Samsung issue. Always on a Sunday night damn it!

  • Thomas Livingston

    Down in PA

  • Mike

    Same here in central CA, 55es7150

  • Michelle 504

    Not working! So annoying!
    Model UN65F7100AFXZA

  • Michelle 504

    Not working model UN65F7100AFXZA

  • Anthony

    My TV just recently lost connection. Says it is connected to my network, but not to the internet. I have a Samsung UN55F6350.

  • I am the smrt

    having problem here as well

  • Lev Teplitskiy

    Having same problem