Elder Scrolls Online maintenance today for PS4, PC, Xbox One

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 29, 2015

This is a reminder about Elder Scrolls Online maintenance today that will take servers down for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. Some of the downtime had already been planned for last week, but was put back to June 29, 2015.

You will notice Elder Scrolls Online maintenance starting at 8AM EDT for PC/Mac in North America that will see the megaserver offline in preparation for patch 2.0.12. We also see the USA / European servers being taken down today for Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 and Xbox One at the same time, which is 10:30AM EDT and around 3:30PM in the UK. This outage will impact the consoles account system and login, so if you didn’t know before, then you will when you experience problems signing in.


This weeks maintenance schedule continues on June 30, although only for ESO on PC and Mac. These players will see the European megaserver go down again for patch 2.0.12 at 3AM, UK time (BST).

Some players haven’t been happy with paying for ESO and seeing so much downtime, especially since the release of this multiplayer game on consoles. Let us know below how you feel about the amount of maintenance taking place each week and of course, if you are happy seeing the servers worked on this often?

You can leave your feedback on our ESO outage reporting hub, or below in the comments. We will update this article if there’s any changes to the above schedule. The official ESO server status page will also confirm when servers are down.

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  • William Dorward

    the elder scrolls online, renamed the elder scrolls mostly offline, 300 blue screen crashes, since launch day on ps4. all reported, also – this may be an unusual long load time- wow- back to restarting the game, at least 6 times a day, just about had enough, spent so much money on this epic fail. brilliant game- but what a punishment to play with all the glitches. stuck in rocks- pay gold and we will free you, stuck on ground that has not rendered in, disappearing under ground when mounting horse, and looking at inventory, when out in the countryside. etc, etc, etc. die in cyrodil, game freezes, respawn out of cyrodil, game still thinks you are in cyrodil, but you can’t respawn, can’t use a shrine, you just hope that you will be revived by a kind stranger- get this game sorted- before releasing new things to buy- you made enough money already, just get the game fixed up.

  • Count Vidalgo

    I don’t understand; I’m told I need Gold membership to play Elder Scrolls, I buy that, now you have what you call “down time”! What the …….. We want to play our games, not play your bureaucratic games. Get on the program and get off our games, we pay enough for them.

  • jon

    Sick to death. Every time i have a day off work this happens. Fed up what time will it be back in uk. At least tell us so we can plan our time. Very unhappy right now

  • Eric

    This is unreal. I have played several different games online and never had these issues. They took away the off,I’ve game play and gave us this crap. One would think they could have prepared for game play issues. They pushed the original release date back a year to deal with game play issues, now they still have them. This game should still have the offline version and online should be optional, like COD or battlefield or even Assasins Creed. Very disappointed!

  • fredoindallas

    I’m not pleased with this game at all. I bought the game and spent extra to upgrade to the imperial edition and get a special mount, I’ve thrown more money at this game than any other and it’s constantly having issues. I don’t care if it’s some giant undertaking as an mmo. I haven’t done anything in this game that is unique to any other multiplayer game that I can play with my friends. For it to be still so new this should have all been fixed beforehand. No other game I have played on any version of the Xbox has taken this much of my money and given so little back in actual good playable game time.

  • Ryan

    When will it be back online on ps4 in the UK anyone please?

    • Dylan Medini

      It says on the game it finished at 3:30 but I still can’t log in😈

    • Dylan Medini

      Never mind, like a second after posting it, it let me on 😂

  • JoshaAmerican

    Bought the gam last night. I installed it last night and went to bed hoping for a full day of gaming today. Woke up, made coffee – xbox on!

    Cant play servers down. Booo!