Apple Pay Vs Barclays bPay security concerns unfounded

By Peter Chubb - Jun 29, 2015

Update: We were under the assumption that security for the bPay mobile payment service was not very secure, but Barclays has been in touch to reassure us. They said, “All our bPay devices can be immediately blocked if it is lost or stolen, either online or via the app. Protection for all the devices is exactly the same as for a contactless credit or debit card; they are no less secure.”

We already discussed a little earlier today that Apple Pay could go live in the UK next week, with a decent amount of support so early on. However, Barclays and Barclaycard customers are miffed with the fact that no support has been announced yet, although there is a good reason for this.

According to a recent CNET report, Barclays may be forgoing Apple Pay support in favor of its own mobile payment system, bPay. While we can understand why the finical institution would wish to do this, there are some serious security concerns, one that could see customers moving banks.

Barclays bPay

Barclays customers already know the security risks with Apple Pay, especially after some of those early teething problems in the US. However, those concerns are nothing compared to those with the bPay mobile payment service.

The system works in pretty much the same way as your chip does on your credit or debit card, but instead you will have a sticker to place on your mobile device. This means you can just place your device on the payment machine. However, if the sticker was to fall off, which is very easy, then anyone can use it to make a payment.

We can’t help wonder why Barclays would want to favor such an old system, when they would be better off supporting Apple Pay.

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  • Peter Clark

    What business is it of you to question Barclays attitude to security ?. Barclays underwrite any fraudulent transactions so have done the ground work.

    Why are you favouring everyone shells out instead $1000 to buy a device for contact less payment devices when it can be done for free using a card or for a low cost sticker, fob or wrist band. ?

    It seems you are missing the point of what contact less payment is about. It’s about replacing the use of cash.

    You may as well say we shouldn’t be using old fashioned cash because it’s insecure and that apple pay is the only solution.

    Fingerprint id is ok – but many a time it doesn’t work – wet fingers, hand cream, dirty fingers etc will cause it to fail. it’s not practical for convenient quick transactions.