Apple Music streaming start time in UK, US

Apple Music will start streaming in the UK at 5PM, or 9AM in the United States within the Pacific Time Zone. This is most likely the reason we will see iOS 8.4 go live for download around an hour before this in both the UK and US, as it allows for the Apple Music streaming start time shortly after the mobile OS is live.

The details came after Apple officials were pretty forthcoming over the weekend in regard to Apple Music. Not only did Ian Rogers, previously Beats Music CEO, highlight the launch but also Apple’s Eddy Cue also explained how iTunes Match and the new Music service will work together. In a nutshell, you won’t need to subscribe to both services to get all the features both these services offer thanks to Apple Music including the matching technology of iTunes Match.


As we mentioned previously, the 100,000 track limit for Apple Music will be allowed from iOS 9 public launch in fall. For now, you will see a limit of 25,000 songs in the library. This is still a work in progress, so the limit increase could still not make the iOS 9 September launch month.

Are you looking forward to the Apple Music streaming start time on June 30? We will update this article once the service is live, so for now leave a comment on your expectations and if you are looking forward to getting hands-on.



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