Advanced Warfare PS4 Supremacy DLC live on Thursday

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 29, 2015

In the first half of June, we detailed the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC along with its PS4 and PS3 release date. This week, we wanted to remind Product Reviews readers that Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC 3 will be live on PS3, PS4, and PC this Thursday.

We had received a few emails over the weekend asking us when the PS4 would receive the new COD Advanced Warfare zombie map. This news had already been announced at the start of this month, although we understand some gamers didn’t see the announcement.


Advanced Warfare PS4, PS3 Supremacy release time – It’s not clear what time the third DLC will go live on July 2, although you can expect it to run with a similar launch to previous add-ons. Feel free to debate when you expect this to be in the comments.

We are expecting to see a new Advanced Warfare update on PS4 and PS3 this week as well, which should be patch 1.19 on the new generation of PlayStation console. This patch will bring bug fixes and support for Supremacy DLC to PS.


If you are playing COD Advanced Warfare on PS4 or PS3, are you ready for new multiplayer maps and Exo Carrier Zombies? We have been hands-on for at least 30 hours with Carrier Zombies on Xbox One and to say, “a lot has changed”, would be an understatement. The Carrier Zombie map features some really cool new perks that change the game completely, and losing an area due to bombs going off can really make playing harder.

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  • logan

    what time?

  • YourThaTypeThatAlwaysLose

    Gonna run exo-zombies when the dlc is available for download. MrxSpacelyx412 ‘PS4’

  • Pinkman12

    Add me mrs_pinkman12

    • Clarence Winchester


  • Aaron Coleman

    i wana play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uk

  • Bandz52114

    I can’t wait if any of yinz wanna add me feel free psn:bandz52114 ps3

  • Daidaizhood

    12AM, California time.. Or Eastern Time Zone. It’s like clockwork every time a new DLC comes out.

  • Daidaizhood

    12am New York time. AKA Eastern Time Zone.

  • kevako

    What time we talking im waiting still soooo boring

  • Dorrance Ian

    I’m still waiting u.k N it’s still not live it’s gone 7am hear

  • Stoner musix

    Can someone post when its open for download on PS store I have season pass and just waiting its 1 am where I’m at

  • Martinus A. Thomas

    I know it’s released at midnight but what time zone???

    • gtpforever

      Everything I am finding appears to be 12am PST which would be like 3 or 4 am EST in the USA.

  • Cody White

    What time does everyone think it will be released

    • gtpforever

      Looks like a couple more hours at least.

  • laura lopez

    Definitely ready for new maps! Plus my birthday is on the 2nd so even better!

    • Aaron Byrne

      Mine is on the 3rd lol happy birthdayyyy!

      • shoaib

        cant wait till they releasr this it already just turned 2nd june here

      • Thomas Mata

        Will this release at midnight or 1am today or tomorrow?