PS Plus July 2015 reveal time with release confusion

For those that are wondering when the PS Plus July 2015 announcement time will be, we have a heads-up for you. We have confirmation that the lineup isn’t going to happen by the end of the week, or over the weekend – as Sony has said that next week will be the time to announce the PlayStation Plus July 2015 lineup on PS4 and PS3.

Confirmation of this has come from Sony Europe Blog Community Manger Fred Dutton, who has replied to one user to say that the lineup will be announced next week.

That means with the PS Store usually updating on Tuesday, we should see the games going live on July 7, which is the first Tuesday of the new month.

This is somewhat unusual though, as it means PS gamers may not get to enjoy the games for a full month, since we often see free PS Plus games being available at the start of a month – but obviously July 7 is the earliest Tuesday that Sony can offer, since a week earlier on June 30 is still technically June.


It will be interesting to see what Sony does about that given that it is later than the normal schedule as it could mean the PS Plus games lineup for July 2015 are available for less than a full month.

Either way, the answers will be revealed next week so we don’t have long to wait. Who knows, maybe Sony will break protocol by announcing the games on Monday June 29, then going live on June 30 with the PS Store update – meaning US gamers get their July games for an extra day longer than everyone else.

Have you also been keeping an eye on the calendar and are wondering when the games will go live – June 30 or July 7, what’s your prediction?



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