Fallout 4 Creation Kit for PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Jun 26, 2015

Fallout 4 is set to be one of the game contenders of 2015, when it is launched in November later this year. One aspect that we wanted to discuss though is the Fallout 4 Creation Kit release date for PS4 and Xbox One.

In case you missed this at E3, it has already been confirmed that there is going to be an Fallout 4 Xbox One Creation Kit for mods as Bethesda’s Todd Howard has said that this is a feature of the Xbox One version.

It also looks like some kind of deal between Microsoft and Bethesda may have been reached as for the moment, there is no indication on when these mods will be coming to PS4 – although Bethesda has said that they will, ‘eventually’.

It means that if you are looking to play Fallout 4 PC mods on console, the place to do it is on Xbox One as it could be a while before it becomes available on Sony’s console.


We know that the Fallout 4 Creation Kit release date for PC is ‘Early 2016’, then those mods created will be made available on Xbox One soon after.

We’re not sure how the distribution will be handled though, i.e whether or not Xbox One users will have complete freedom when it comes to selecting which mods to download, or if Bethesda are going to hand-pick them themselves.

What we can tell you though is that these mods are going to be free on Xbox One, which is fantastic news. As we look forward to the Fallout 4 Creation Kit for PS4 and Xbox One, give us your thoughts, concerns and ideas for how mods should be distributed on console.

For PS4 owners specifically, does the thought of having mods first on Xbox One convince you to switch over? Maybe one question that needs to be brought up is whether Bethesda will allow console owners to have a Fallout 4 ‘nude mod’ as you just know somebody is going to end up making it for PC – they always do.

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  • kevin mole

    would not buy an Xbox one for any reason I will stick with my ps4 thanks

    • Wuhat

      Backward compatiblity, early acess to dlc, and a company who doesn’t get hacked most of the time and with what, 2 exclusives right now and none worth it coming this year compared to xbox’s gears of war, halo, tomb raider and now fallout 4 mods. Yeah, you’ve made a good decision sticking with ps4

      • Josh

        actually, ps4 was hacked once, and at the same time as Xbox one, so that point is mute, and early access to what dlc? now how about some truth
        Ps4, slightly better graphics, so slight it might as well be non-existent, but for the sake of truth throwing that in there.
        Ps4, destiny being PlayStation exclusive, for a while we had things Xbox didn’t have access to.
        Ps4, Bloodborne, which mind you, is better than the dragged out halo or gears of war, and lets face it, tomb raider needs to stay in her tomb. that game brings dragged out to a whole new level. (punny :P)
        ps4, much bigger community, and my call of duty zombies games never lag out, yet with Xbox, I lag out every day, showing not only is the ps4 community bigger, but most of them have good connection.
        ps4, stream live while playing needing nothing but your ps4…. also a very user friendly video editing system. the list goes on and on from Xbox’s disk tray commonly messing up, to PlayStation just having all around better deals. Kevin and I have something one might call patience, we will wait for our mods to be able to use it on a all around better system for GAMING. Xbox is better in the idea for a all around entertainment system, but strictly for gaming, ps4 slaps it sideways

        what makes my opinion different then most? I have both systems unlike everyone who assumes instead of finding out first hand 🙂

        • Scott Davis

          silly children…everyone knows pc is the master race, console exclusive games are a money racket…almost any game worth a flip comes out on pc as well, and when you can customize your own components there’s no way either console can compare, I have an 8 core processor, and 16 gbs of Graphics memory between my two cards…and waiting for mods, bahahaha there’s already over a hundred mods without the creation kit being out yet…honestly Skyrim was the reason I switched from PlayStation to pc, but with the graphics I can support on any game nowadays I will never go back….