PS Store update for Driveclub PS Plus Edition

We are potentially just hours away from the Driveclub PS Plus Edition release on PS4 today. Sony and Evolution has announced that Thursday June 25 is finally the moment when the download is available for real – now we just need to wait for the PS Store to update with the Driveclub PS Plus Edition content.

Earlier on this week, the download link went live early on the PS Store in an somewhat embarrassing slip-up by Sony. The download was soon removed, with Evolution saying that the PS Plus Edition would be coming soon.

Now though, we’re happy to say that Thursday is definitely the day as you can see a whole post about it by Sony on their blog.


In it, they explain that once the download goes live users will be able to play DriveClub PS Plus Edition offline. For those wanting to know how to play DriveClub PS Plus online, Evolution will be letting users in gradually – as they don’t want the servers to collapse again as they did during the game’s initial launch.

While this is obviously not ideal, most of you will be happy just to start playing the game after such a long wait. If you are happy with the PS Plus Edition which is limited in content, you can then upgrade to Driveclub full version for half the price.

A Tweet above from the developers suggests that the update will be going live later today, UK time so keep your eyes peeled for the PS Store update to happen.

Are you excited to finally get the free version of Driveclub?



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