Final Fantasy 7 Remake graphics expectations

We all saw those glorious visuals featured in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer, but is that going to be the limit for Tetsuya Nomura and his team? According to the director, the game is going to look even better than what we saw in the trailer.

In a recent interview, Nomura was quoted as saying to Japanese publication Famitsu that compared to what we saw in the trailer ‘we are going to raise the quality even further’.

Whether that involves just the cutscene sequences graphics, or the actual in-game graphics remains to be seen, but let’s hope that he generally implied that the best is yet to come full stop.

Now that E3 is over and done with, when will be the next time we hear some official Final Fantasy 7 Remake news from Square-Enix? The obvious assumption is the Tokyo Game Show in September, but we’ve also heard that the developers are planning to save their next reveal until Winter and give out information at the Jump Festa 2016 in Japan.


What are you personally expecting to see in terms of the graphics quality though? We were all blown over by what we saw in the trailer, but is it amazing to think that Square-Enix can produce even better than that?

We still can’t get our heads around the fact that we will finally be able to play as Cloud and Aeris who will have mouths and be able to talk – that alone is going to be something to behold.

All those iconic FF7 locations in glorious 1080p too, the Gold Saucer, Wutai, the Midgar Zolom, Knights of the Round summon materia, Rocket Town! – it all comes flooding back in an instant.

Let us know what you want to see in terms of graphicsAre you happy to welcome the general belief that this will be something of a reimagining in places, on top of a full scale remake?

Relive the trailer once again below, which is now coming up to 10 million views in one week on the PlayStation channel – amazing.



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