MKX 1.06 PS4 update live with full patch notes

By Alan Ng - Jun 24, 2015

We have some good news for those playing Mortal Kombat X on PS4. We can confirm that minutes ago, the MKX 1.06 PS4 update is now live on June 23 and available to download.

As a result, we can now bring you the MKX 1.06 patch notes in full since NetherRealm only gave a general overview on the in-game notes as they appear on PS4.

We initially wrote about the 1.06 update back in May when we pondered whether NR would be giving players a Klassic Ermac Skin since big patches usually come with a free DLC skin.

Unfortunately though, it doesn’t look like this is the case, as 1.06 is entirely focused on improving gameplay elements and getting ready for the Predator DLC release – so expect a free skin with that update.


Above is the notes as they appear on console, but you’ll want to head to this link for the full Mortal Kombat X 1.06 patch notes as there’s a lot more to read through.

In particular, another list of specific character tweaks for fighters such as D’Vorah, Cassie Cage, Ermac, Erron Black, Goro, Johnny Cage, Jax and Kenshi.

Take a look and let us know what else is new in Mortal Kombat X after the patch. No word on the Xbox One update yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Secret brutalities are also unlocked with this update – more on that later.

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  • jESSE

    ANyone had issues with getting Online,Story,Towers to work and Characters not all being there AFTER INSTALLING PATCH 1.06

  • Rafael Aquino

    Depois dessa atualização o combo do scorpion não conecta mas !!

  • Surprise Patrick

    MKX patch 1.06 is live for Xbox One.

  • Cotton Picking Joe

    This is weird, ever since the update my scorpion 2,1,4 combos do not connect. Need help.

    • Alex Bruno

      He was nerfed

      • Cotton Picking Joe

        That’s really messed up. That combo was my only combo I know that had 40% damage. Now it’s time to hit practice again.

    • Rafael Aquino

      Também não estou conseguindo conectar o combo do scorpion !!

      • Cotton Picking Joe

        mortal kombat realmente deve dizer à comunidade antes de uma atualização assim. agora minha combinação tem de ser reduzido de 40 % a 30 %

        • Rafael Aquino

          E o pior que estou jogando com o scorpion sem vontade até ele consertarem esse erro….
          Sem contar que eu já perdi meu progresso todo do jogo, estou tendo que jogar tudo novamente, e agora essa sacanagem do scorpion !!

        • Cotton Picking Joe

          Dang homem , eles fizeram você suja. Bem, eu acho que ambos vão ter de voltar a práctica.

        • Cotton Picking Joe

          e como você sabia que eu falava português ?

        • Rafael Aquino

          Eu não sabia, eu respondi em PT porque pensei que você ia colocar no google tradutor..
          Se você joga MKX me Add aí no ps4 pra podermos jogar contra