Unlock Scorpion toasty fatality in MKX

By Alan Ng - Jul 8, 2015

If you have already installed the latest MKX patch, you’ll know that NetherRealm added some exciting new content for Scorpion – notably the ability to unlock Scorpion’s Toasty Fatality in Mortal Kombat X.

The Toasty finisher has been Scorpion’s trademark move in the series and it is coming soon to MKX as part of the MKX Klassic Fatalities pack, which features four old school fatalities for Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and Sub Zero.

Now, we bet most of you are wondering how to do Scorpion’s toasty fatality in MKX on PS4 and Xbox One. Right now, this new finisher appears on the move list but it is locked away and can’t be used.

We don’t know if this means that the content will be free with the Predator release, or if NetherRealm will be wanting players to pay an additional fee for the four fatalities.


As we wait for NetherRealm to announce the details on this officially, in the meantime you can head into game and select the free Klassic Scorpion skin in MKX which is now live with the patch and available for everyone.


Update: The fatality is now live in-game and here’s how to do Scorpion’s Toasty fatality on Xbox One and PS4.

PS4: Hold Block, Up, Up, Triangle.
Xbox: Hold Block, Up, Up, Y.

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  • Fearfull

    The stupid thing I found is (block+triangle) does easy fatality so (R2+up,up,triangle) does the second fatality and not toasty … U have to do (R2,up,up, releaseR2, triangle) … Sigh …

  • Tota6104

    I cant find them help!

    • M-Pad

      Press Triangle/Y at the main menu and scroll through to the right until you come up on the “Fatalities” section. Just download and bam, Fatalities unlocked

      • NiggarsRant

        It still didn’t work for me

  • Ian Campbell

    Anybody having problems with these in the uk? As in do we have to purchase the predator dlc for these to even work in game etc

  • R. Medero

    I hope it is free because if they charge for fatalities this game might die
    They are adding free brutalities so
    And as much as i love Scorpion i aint paying for that i payed $150 for the game

    And hopefully it is available for every skin not just klassic

  • Nick Gregg

    If it’s not free, I’m not buying it. I already paid $30 for the Kombat Pack.

  • CrAsHnBuRnXp

    I want to know if this is available to all scorpion skins and if so, how is it going to work for his human form?

    • spiret boomb

      Its only in classic skin

      • Oliver Queen

        No, it’s not

  • Jeremy Dean Chism

    I was hoping for the original fatality of Scorpion…

    • CrAsHnBuRnXp

      This…is? It was in mk1

  • Daniel

    Let it be soon, and it must be perfect.

  • Jovian Dixon

    I should be .. it’s just fatalities

  • David Sillasen

    Hopefully free