GTA V 1.12 PS4 update for Ill Gotten Gains DLC Part 2

By Alan Ng - Jun 24, 2015

We are now looking ahead to the GTA V 1.12 PS4 update, which could well be the GTA Online Ill Gotten Gains DLC Part 2. Rockstar has recently said that the update is coming soon and that it will also coincide with another weekend event for players.

It also needs to be said that Rockstar traditionally release new content for Independence Day, so the likelihood of a GTA V Independence Day 2015 update with this Ill Gotten Gains Part 2 content could be high.

The big question is though, what can we expect to see from Rockstar after the first part which already gave players a lot of new vehicles and outfits to enjoy?


One of the obvious assumptions to make is that Rockstar may use the Part 2 of Ill Gotten Gains to make the theme all about gambling.

Or in more simple terms, finally to put an end to the constant demands on when the casino doors will open in GTA Online. It makes sense to use gambling as a theme of part 2 since it comes under the term ‘Ill gotten gains’ nicely.

Rockstar has said to expect new details shortly so make sure you are following their Newswire website daily as the information could be coming at any moment – especially if the next update is due next week.

What are your thoughts about Part 2 of Ill Gotten Gains, what do you personally want to see?

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  • slykp4b

    CASINO’S DEFINITELY… and nitro for the cars… also open more bars around the city… more buildings period… how about gold teeth. And 1 last thing fix the creator to be able place more weapons melee especially.

  • Robert

    Where the supras at?. Lol. We need more tuners w customizable body kits. Also old c10 trucks and the 87 grand nationals from gta4

  • Aaron Aj Purifoy

    Can we please get mansions and get out of these boring ass apartments.

  • Jay

    I would like to see hydraulics for the low riders

  • denis

    I hope new gun, new cars like honda civic. Or accord years 96-99 also nissan 350 or 370 also toyota supra, new mustang gt 302, boss or chevy camaro ss, what about the gym so we can work out or be fat like san andreas, and choice the type of style you want to fight…. that will be cool……