Elder Scrolls Online 1.04 PS4 update with patch notes

Earlier on we told you that ZeniMax had taken the PS4 TESO servers offline for maintenance due to an incoming patch. Now, we can confirm that the Elder Scrolls Online 1.04 patch on PS4 is now live and available to download.

As a result, we can bring you the full TESO 1.04 PS4 patch notes as the developer has now posted them to their forums.

The update is largely the same as the Xbox One update issued earlier on this week so it’s refreshing to see that PS4 users didn’t have to wait longer than 24 hours to get the patch.


New changes in 1.04 include a fix for when Elder Scrolls Online would crash when teleporting to a forward camp or keep in Cyrodiil. There’s also a fix for an annoying issue related to monsters appearing desynched while in combat.

These are just a few examples of what looks like a vast amount of new changes in Elder Scrolls 1.04 on PS4. Head to the official forums and make sure you spend a few minutes to read through the Elder Scrolls update notes in full – players will hopefully be a lot happier with the gameplay experience, with better performance once installed.

For those that are already playing on the new update, is everything ok for you now or have you spotted some new issues that we need to know about?



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