Yahoo Mail down in US, users can’t send email

By Alan Ng - Jun 23, 2015

It seems that Yahoo Mail is down in certain parts of the United States and users can’t send email, according to server status reports from Product Reviews readers. Confirmation of problems also arrived from outage websites and tweets being left every few seconds at the time of writing.

It’s not the first time that Yahoo Mail has had problems this month, but hopefully it will be the last. This one is the worst that we’ve seen for quite some time though, as a Yahoo Mail service which doesn’t let you actually send an email is a fatal one in our book.

Head to this link here to see that it’s not just us having problems. Yahoo Mail down on June 23 seems to be affecting not only those in the US but also other regions around the world too.


Perhaps the biggest problem is a lack of communication. A company as big as Yahoo should have their team on standby ready to report issues the minute they happen.

However, the official Yahoo Mail Team support is yet to acknowledge the issue and there has been no updates as of yet for affected users.

Is Yahoo Mail not working for you at the moment in your area? Let us know your problems and if they include Yahoo Mail emails not sending or being forwarded.

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  • joy

    down in india, jul 7th 2015 – 9pm

  • Chukwuka Okoye

    *my life in heaven my life patner my life in earth my busness & also relationship with GOD ! almighty

  • Richard Jayme Rizano

    I can’t open YmaiL as of this time. Hope it will run tomorrow. 🙂 Have patience. 😀

  • Ana Grau

    No yahoo nail at San Antonio Texas

  • Wow! After spending just under an hour waiting for Geek Squad support on my new MAC about my Yahoo email server issue, they show me this blog as the answer!! Well, thanks Yahoo (NOT) for sending me an email to let me know the deal … instead I lost valuable work time trying to figure out what the heck was happening … I have been meaning to leave Yahoo mail for a long time and this could be the straw …

    • jimmy Rustler

      Hmmmm how are they supposed to email you if the EMAIL SYSTEM IS DOWN???? People are lumping dumb

      • Jimmy,

        The article mentioned that Yahoo email users could not SEND mail … but we could still receive mail … such a notice from Yahoo that the outgoing mail option was down would’ve been very helpful to know.

        Take care,

        • jimmy Rustler

          Well seeing as I’m unable to even sign into my Yahoo email it’d be hard to receive an email. And as I’m sure Yahoo tech support is using the Yahoo email service that would mean they can’t send emails