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Storm Shield app for Android, iOS is a life-saver

If you are worried about the bad weather in your area and are looking for ways to protect yourself and your family, you may want to download the Storm Shield app for Android and iOS.

Although there is not a Storm Shield free version, many users have called this a life-saver as it provides several ways to alert you whenever there is a serious storm in your area.

These include voice alerts using location data and also a direct feed to the NOAA Weather Radio, allowing you to always keep yourself updated when there is a storm in your specific location, or if a storm is about to come.


Storm Shield app reviews over at the Google Play Store and on iTunes suggest that this is one app that is worth paying the $2.99 fee for as it could end up saving your life.

Communication and awareness is a priority when it comes to tracking storms, so you’ll do well to find a better app than Storm Shield which provides a similar service.

Try it out now and let us know what you think. Is Storm Shield the best app for finding out when a storm is coming to your area?



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