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New York Daily News updates app for stability

Earlier this month saw an update to the New York Daily News app because of stability issues, after the company was given feedback on some elements of the Digital Edition that needed to be resolved. Thankfully, those problems have now been fixed so the user experience should be much better.

The New York Daily News updates for the Digital Edition are several bug and crash fixes, as well as improvements to make the app more stable. The developer has not gone into detail about what those issues were, just that they have now been resolved.

New York Daily News digital edition update

However, we do know that users should not have trouble accessing their New York Daily New subscriptions, or downloading them either. However, if you do happen to experience further issues, then you are asked to contact the customer support team via thir email

You might wonder why you would to subscribe to the Digital Edition of New York Daily News, when there are other news site apps. However, the difference here is that you can download the editions and then read them offline later, ideal if you like reading while out and do not want to eat into your data limit.



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