iOS 9 beta 2 OTA with Software Update Failed

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 23, 2015

The iOS 9 beta 2 download can be performed over the air when moving up from the first beta, but this isn’t working for thousands shortly after it went live. Our in-house developer reports they try to install OTA and see an error stating, “Software Update Failed. An error occurred downloading iOS 9 beta 2”.

You can see a screenshot taken moments ago when trying to install iOS 9 beta 2 OTA and the said error message is clearly seen. The file size is 397MB for this particular update when performed over the air, although our developer hasn’t been able to do this after the problems mentioned.


Apple wouldn’t allow the beta 2 update OTA if this wasn’t possible and would only allow for developers to download directly at the portal. With this in-mind, it’s clear this issue will be fixed within the coming hours and most likely sooner rather than later.

It’s worth mentioning that other developers report on Twitter that the download is live and working in the dev portal, and also that they experience the above error message as well when trying OTA.

If you are one of the millions developing apps with Apple, are you able to download iOS 9 beta 2 OTA right now? The good news is this problem won’t need a beta 3 to fix, as it will be something wrong with Apple’s servers.

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  • David

    i get a message saying unable to check for update. anyone getting that as well?

  • Munz

    Be patient! Mine kept failing 6-7 times, then evetually went through. I was not in low power mode, battery on 100% plus plugged in; and of course on a developer account. Probably Apple servers were overloaded. Working properly now.

  • Raj

    Please check whether your device is in Low Power Mode, my 6 Plus was on charger when I got the notification that battery is now 80% & low power mode is disabled. I was able to download the beta after that.

  • Varun Soni

    I also got the same error while trying OTA update on my device. But what that setting button on the popup message does??? It didn’t do anything on mine…

  • Marc

    You have to have at least 50% of battery or more to be able to install it (download & install) even if plugged .

    • Derek Schweitzer

      I have 95% battery and it doesn’t matter

      • Mike

        Same here, this is a problem as I have 78%.

      • Marc

        Is your device registered to a developper account ?
        It might be the problem.

  • Chris

    I get the same error in that screen, says “Software Update Failed”.