Sony X900C TV price confirmed, as is X910C

By Peter Chubb - Jun 22, 2015

We already assumed the starting price for the X900C series was not going to come cheap, and the release of its price list is evident of that. There are to be two sizes for the Sony X900C TV, and just the one for the X910C model, so you will need to check whether you have the space, and also the funds for one of these three TVs.

The Sony X900C TV price for the 55-inch version of this super-thin 4K TV is $2,499, while those wanting the 65-inch variant will have to pay $3,999 instead. However, if you do want to make it large, then the X910C model comes with a 75-inch display for $5,499.

Sony X900C TV release date

The only difference between all three is their size, so you are paying an extra $1,500 for 10 inches. This may sound expensive to you, but just remember you are getting a 0.19-inch thick TV that packs Android, and boasts a Triluminos display and the powerful X1 processor, which helps reproduce that amazing 4K content.

Bringing Android to the new range of TVs will give the user far more in terms of features, such as the ability to stream apps, as well as playing Android games to help pass the time. You also get access to a lot more media content, such as from Netflix, Hulu, CBS Sports and so much more, details of which can be found on the Sony Blog.

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  • dcaseng .

    The thin screen is cool, but is JUST as overrated as Samsung’s curved screen. Who cares about the thinness of the screen if it STILL sticks out several inches from the wall?

    If you look at the base, the stand sticks out a few inches in the front AND the back, meaning you can’t have it right up against the wall anyway. I doubt you can get full array backlighting on a set this thin, and full array backlighting is CLEARLY superior to side lit leds.

    This seems like a great TV, but you can get superior picture quality on slightly thicker sets that contain full array backlighting, as well as all of the latest in high quality hardware.

    Is this even a 10 bit screen? I’m not a technology expert, but i’ve been doing a ton of research because i want to make sure i don’t waste money on something that will be outdated in the near future.

    Right now, the latest news about what will be important in 4K television are things like 10 bit panels, full array backlighting(or OLED alternative), upscaling capabilities and HDR compatibility.

    Screen thinness is the LEAST of concerns for me.