iOS 9 beta 2 release time today

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 23, 2015

This article has been updated due to Apple doing something a little different with iOS 9 beta 2 this year, compared to the first iOS 8 betas last year, and the major difference in 2015 is the launch of Apple Music. It looks like we could see the iOS 9 beta 2 release date timed with the Apple Music fall launch. See below article for update.

Original Article – Now that two weeks have passed since the iOS 9 download went live, beta 2 should land for developers today on June 22. The first preview came with many bugs like we saw every year with such an early build and these have caused battery life to drain really fast on an iPhone 6 Plus, blue screen crashing on iPad Air and iPhone 6, lagging, and others even overheating in some circumstances that could be unrelated.

The iOS 9 beta 2 release time today is expected to be in the UK evening, between 6PM and 9PM, or 10AM onwards in PDT. This is a prediction based on previous years, but as always the second beta could come at any point today.

iOS 9 beta 2 release time today

There’s also the possibility for Apple to skip the expected 2-week release date cycle, although that’s highly unlikely in early betas with so many bugs. Developers would have been giving feedback on a daily basis, and our in-house developer will be hoping to see the blue screen crashing a lot less and more importantly, better battery life.

Are you checking for iOS 9 beta 2 throughout today and if so, what problems have you experienced? Product Reviews will let our readers know when the download is live and we still expect the next preview to arrive later today.

If you see iOS 9 beta 2 within the developer portal, then share a comment to let our community know it’s live. The release notes can be found through the normal public link, as with the original update.

June 23 update: Apple didn’t release iOS 9 beta 2 using the same timeframe, as last year. It looks like the difference this year is Apple Music and we could see iOS 9 beta 2 release with Apple Music, also at the same time as iOS 8.4 to public. If the updates don’t come this week, then you should expect them around June 30th, 2015.

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  • Loay Al-wesi

    I hope it’s more stable that iOS 9 beta 1 … I get a lot of issues with this beta, very slow response when I tap on an app or even home button, some keyboard issues, battery leakage ..etc

  • Jacques Bolduc

    I am hoping that beta 2 will resolve some of the battery issues :-S I have a 6 Plus and my battery has been literally “bleeding” to death. 🙂 Facebook app is the leader in Battery %.

    • Rob

      Exactly the same for my iPhone 6 Plus, the battery drain is drastically different. Beta 2 needs to fix this problem badly.

  • Neil Quinn

    I get it usually comes out at this point but I’m guessing there’s going to be an update next week for Apple music? Maybe they’ll hold off until then rather than have two updates a week apart. I wonder if the automatic updates is already working or not.

  • Robbie

    I keep getting crashing and my battery life on iPhone 6 Plus is down to one day, before it was 3 days. This is all expected to a certain degree and I hope beta 2 fixes these issues.