Xbox Games with Gold July 2015 without PoolNation FX

By Alan Ng - Jun 22, 2015

Earlier on we took a look at what could be offered with PS Plus July. Now it is only fair to see what Xbox gamers want next month with the free Xbox Games with Gold July 2015 lineup.

We admit we’ve added that headline above for our own personal amusement, as we still can’t believe that Microsoft offered PoolNation FX for three months in a row.

We thought doing the exact same thing with Crimson Dragon was a one off, but low and behold PoolNation FX was offered again for June much to the disappointment of fans.


It goes without saying that gamers do not want to ever see this game offered as part of the Xbox One games with Gold July 2015 lineup. Four months would just be ridiculous and we doubt Microsoft will be that crazy as to even consider it.

With that in mind, what other games are top of your list for selection? It would be nice if Microsoft were to make up for the PoolNation FX saga with an ‘AAA’ game – perhaps Ryse or Forza offered this time around?

Ryse- Son of Rome unites PS4, PC desperation

As far as we’re aware, there hasn’t been a Games with Gold July 2015 leak yet – similar to what happened with Massive Chalice getting leaked before the announcement.

We’ll keep our eyes open though and let you know once we hear of any details. In the meantime, let us know if you agree that it’s time for PoolNation FX to disappear off the Games with Gold list for good.

Also, tell us your ideal games list for what free games will be added for Games with Gold July 2015 on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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  • Gabriele Pesacane

    XB-360: Halo 4, Titanfall.
    XB-One: Halo the MasterChief Collection, Battlefield Hardline

    • Justin Fire

      Not gonna happen

  • Jo-el RIchards

    Call of duty black ops (the original) or mw2

    • Justin Fire

      That might work

  • Moc 5523

    Star wars tfu2

  • Neitel Agosto

    Call of Duty Black OPS 2

  • lex

    ori and the blind forest

  • Creeko

    With backward compatibility, I’d bet Games with Gold will start offering 360 games

    • Randall Johnson

      They’ve been offering 360 games since Games With Gold first started.

  • Eric Ainsworth

    xbone- ryse of dead rising 3
    360 midnight club LA,

  • Dylan

    Xbone – Ryse, Dead Rising 3, AC: Unity
    X360 – Dragon Age II, AC: Rogue,

    • Justin Fire

      Be realistic those games are new Xbox would get screwed by game developers for that

  • Danny Booth

    Xbox360 emulator would be a good replacement 😝

    • Phillip Moore

      the xbox one is already backwards compatible

    • Chris Catapano

      they just announced backwards compatability at E3

  • Totes_McGoats

    Please, Msft, enough with recycled options and offerings like Massive Chalice, IDARB, Super Guacamelee…I downloaded them to take advantage of the free opportunity and immediately deleted them after discovering how terrible they were. You hit a home run with Rayman Legends, so if you can’t provide something to the extent of Forza, how about something Plants vs Zombies-esque?

    • Andrew Duffin

      Guacamelee was a fantastic game

      • Kylebagel

        Each of those games are fantastic! People are turned off by Massive Chalices difficulty but i loved it! Idarb was a blaat to play with friends and guacemelee is very good

    • Paul

      IDARB easist 1000g you can get from a game granted you have a kinect also guacamelee is awesome!

      • Justin Fire


    • BigMoses

      Super Guacamelee was actually pretty good I played it all the way through the others you named are …….. yeah kinda bad.

  • Greg C

    People always say it will probably be dead rising and forza, every single month. So I guess if you keep recycling the same two games as your “prediction” over and over again, eventually you will be right. I am not even going to hazard a guess, I will just wait and see what comes up on Fridsy when they announce it. I got plenty to keep me occupied anyway, and it will just join an ever growing list of games I have downloaded for a rainy day. To be honest, there is only about 3-4 AAA titles I wouldn’t mind seeing on games for gold. The rest either a) I don’t want or b) I was interested and because of that I already own it.

  • mj

    Ryse and Forza. That’s been rumored longer than the amount of times we got pool nation. Forza will never happen, that will cannibalize the marker for forza 6. And they’ve released games a lot newer than launch titles. They could give away trials or thief or spiderman. I mean ea access is giving away games that are 8 months old.

    I can guarantee that it won’t be either game. No proof to back up just understanding of how it works. And I don’t think either will ever be given away.

    • abe

      I keep getting the feeling Ryse or Dead Rising 3 will be candidates for Games With Gold. They have had their Goty editions and PC versions so there are no sales to eat into but both have a fair amount of DLC to sell.

      • Rorok

        Dead rising 3 hasnt been on a deal for a while so I think it might be it

    • Justin Fire

      I agree

  • Jebus

    I get the fact that they can’t be like “next month games with gold will offer fallout 4 and just cause 3” but there’s so many games that are AAA games but are old now like Ryse which was mentioned in this article.

    Even more interesting ID games they seem to all be the same what we get palmed off with I really don’t get why we have to get b+ games if we’re lucky I’d rather have one AAA than 2 B+ just reward our loyalty ffs.