Fisker Karma successor, Elux closer to production

It seems like the production of the Fisker Karma successor has moved yet another step closer, although we don’t have a release date for the Elux just yet because it is still early days. Wanxiang, the new owners of Fisker has recently bought a 556,000-square-foot factory in close proximity to Tesla Motors new Gigafactory

The factory will be located between Los Angeles and Palm Springs and will employee around 150 people, who will start work on its first model, the Elux. We don’t yet know when production will begin, although the company needs to get the building completed first – so a while of yet.

Fisker Elux production

If the new Elux model is to be a success, then it needs to learn from the mistakes of its predecessor, the Karma. One of the biggest issues was price, as at over $100,000 made it rather expensive when compared to Tesla models, and its less than 2,500 sales proved just that.

Tesla is going from strength to strength, and with new models coming to market, the new incarnation of Fisker needs to develop something special, yet have a more optimistic selling price.

As for those of you that already own a Fisker Karma, then you can visit the new website for after-market support.



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