Fallout Shelter Android release date pinpointed

By Alan Ng - Jun 22, 2015

We have a welcome update to bring you now, on the status of the highly anticipated Fallout Shelter release date for Android in 2015.

The last time we spoke about the game, we told you that it had launched exclusively on iPhone in a surprise announcement during Bethesda’s pre-E3 event.

Now though, we can finally confirm that the game will be coming to Android eventually. While there is still no solid date to share with you sadly, Bethesda has Tweeted to say that they are working on the Android version and that it will ‘hopefully be out in a few months.’


Given the widespread disappointment that the first notable Fallout game on mobile had an exclusivity deal tied to it with Apple, this should cheer some of you up a bit.

Meanwhile, Fallout Shelter has skyrocketed towards the top of the App Charts and also managed to outsell Candy Crush for two days too which is by far no easy task.

With Bethesda now comfortable letting out the information of the two month release window, it also perhaps suggests that Apple wanted at least two months of exclusivity before the game came to other platforms.

As an Android owner, are you still desperate to play Fallout Shelter or has the excitement gone for you now hearing that it will be another two months before you can play?

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  • Hahaha

    In a few months = 2 months?

  • John Nebe

    actually not anymore. I feel Bethesda does not really care for the Android people. They could of been working on this for Android since Bethesda Softworks is the one working on the android version, while they were working with Apple, but they chose to give it all to Apple. So to me that is a slap in the face to the Android people.
    I was excited for Fallout shelter but saying its going to be Months is stupid on their part, Again they ran to Apple and to me that is sad. It would be like them running to Mac for Fallout 4 and saying “oh well it will be months before we can get it on PC”…. considering there are more pc’s than Mac’s and there are more Androids than Apple phones so go figure.

    • Silakai

      That’s true, but apple is willing to spend more money on exclusive rights to games that they feel will be popular. I hate apple for that very reason. It’s the same as sony paying game developers to release dlc just for playstation. I don’t blame bethesda for accepting money to release it early for apple products. I blame apple for bribing bethesda and screwing over android users.