Destiny servers down June 22, back up in six hours

By Alan Ng - Jun 22, 2015

We have an emergency heads-up for Destiny players now, as we can confirm that Bungie has just taken the Destiny servers down again on June 22, for maintenance that is going to last a long time.

If you were hoping to get a long session in where you live, you won’t be able to – as for those asking what time will Destiny servers be back up, try six hours.

Bungie has confirmed the downtime at 8AM PST on their Twitter account, with Destiny servers due to go back up around 2PM Pacific Time. For those on EST time that means you can start playing Destiny again at 5PM.


It’s obviously not ideal but Bungie insists that this six hour outage is going to lay the groundwork for future updates – we’re guessing the Taken King is related to this since it’s going to be a massive expansion that lands in September.

We can already see that gamers are not taking the news too well on social media and it seems to be the longest period of Destiny server maintenance today that we’ve seen this year.

Give us your reaction to the fact that Destiny servers are down on June 22 for six hours – do you wish that Bungie picked a different time?

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  • Greg C

    I can see why people are frustrated with it but on the other hand, it is a double edged sword. They make scheduled matinence, and tell everyone, is it not better to have it down for six hours, and fix whatever is wrong than neglect it? I mean it doesn’t affect me as I have not played the game since December as I find it monotonous and tiring (just my opinion on the game, before anyone gets defensive or throws a tantrum), however if it is being done, like it or not, it will happen. There are 24 hours in day and this is six, I am sure you will all survive this.

  • Stephen Butler

    This is unacceptable, I’ve already spent well over 100 dollars on this game since the start. CONSTANT updates with no real improvement and now they want more money for yet another expansion which will probably be just as disapointing . And 6 hrs?!?!?! i am no rocket scientist but I’m sure they could have found a more reasonable time to do this. Like maybe midnight to 6, hello?!?! What are you thinking…..oh wait I already know $$$$$$$$. Thats all they care about is “how can I get them to pay more while at the same time not doing anything?” But I guess thats the American way now, sad, just really fu**ing sad

    • John Owens

      dude chill, welcome to the world of fully online games. Any maintenance to the game requires the servers to be offline. They are doing this so you get your money’s worth. If you are disappointed with the game then don’t play it. Its that simple. So maybe now you are less ignorant on the situation and will realize that programming and updating games is by no means a short and easy task. So 6 hours to update a game for all future updates is actually really short in comparison to what it actually could take.

      • Frostynuggman

        First of all this is the longest update in destinys history, secondly if these programmers werent as “ignorant” as I am they would have realized there is a better time than 8am on summer break to do this update. And I will continue to play this game but as far as DLC I will be sitting this one and the others out if they continue to force us to basicly buy the game over and over again

        • Jack brown

          Those programmers have a life too you know. Sometimes working all night doesn’t work out. Why not do something productive during your day instead of playing video games. They chose a time that worked best for them. Its not their fault you don’t have a life and that not being able to play 1 game for a few hours causes you to go mental.

        • John Owens

          I agree with Jack. You can find something else to do for six hours.

        • Jarrod Miller

          Maybe you just need to get a life instead of living in the game world.

    • Greg C

      I agree with you about the timing. But midnight where you are is a completely different time from someone elsewhere. So you will be happy with the time but in different countries that could be the peak of gaming time so not everyone will be happy.