Xur is in the Reef selling these items today

It’s that time again Destiny players, as Xur is live now. We have a heads-up for you on Xur’s location for June 19 and the full list of what Xur is selling toady.

Earlier on in our usual location thread, we spoke about the need for Xur to have the Celestial Nighthawk hunter helmet – one of the highly sought after items from the new House of Wolves expansion.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have it this week. Xur is selling the Hard Light exotic Auto Rifle instead along with the ACD/0 Feedback Fence, Khepri’s Sting and the Starfire Protocols.


As for Xur’s location, you’ll find him by the Outpost in the Reef. This is the second time that Xur has showed up in the Reef so don’t make the mistake of looking in the tower as he isn’t there.

Remember to check out a review of the Hard Light if you need some initial advice. In our opinion though, if you have the strange coins available, you could do a lot worse than the Hard Light so pick it up today for 23 Strange Coins.

Are you happy with Xur’s inventory for June 19? Let us know what you plan to buy and the items that you still need to see from the Agent of the Nine.



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