Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Vs 360 performance test

By Alan Ng - Jun 19, 2015

For those that want to know what kind of performance Microsoft has been able to achieve with their Xbox One backwards compatibility, we can tell you that the early signs are that it is looking extremely impressive.

We now have a video to show you, giving you an exact look at how Xbox One backwards compatibility Vs Xbox 360 discs looks when comparing Mass Effect.

Even better, as the early signs show that backwards compatibility on Xbox One actually improves loading times and also shows less texture pop-in, compared to when playing the Xbox 360 version.

This has been proven on Mass Effect at least in the video below, so hopefully it means that load times on other games will be improved as well.


The uploader has also noticed that in Mass Effect’s case, there are some instances where stuttering on the 360 version has been removed entirely during the same scene on Xbox One with BC.

It all points to Microsoft having done an excellent job with it. Remember that new games are going to be added each month which you can vote for, while you can even start playing now if you are a Preview Program member.

Are you using the BC feature now on your Xbox One? If so, give us your experiences with it below.

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  • Deeboy

    The mass effect series, fallout 3, elder scrolls and red dead redemption are some of the games that made me want to keep my 360 along side my Xbox one. The first game a I tried when they announced BC was mass effect and when I first saw it installed and load up. I felt like a kid on Christmas. Not only does this play old games but it also brings up its own UI based on the 360. You can see your friends online that still have 360s and play cross platform. This is more like the Xbox 360 itself has been made backward compatible with the Xbox one. Two consoles in One. Three if you plug in another console in the HDMI USB input.