Snapchat Emoji update confusing users

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 19, 2015

The latest Snapchat update in June released just over 2 days ago that delivered some key bug fixes on both Android and iPhone. This hasn’t stopped the tweets and blog posts in regard to the Snapchat Emoji update, which some users are finding confusing, as seen within the featured tweets below.

While certain changes came before the June 9.10.0 version, the Snapchat Emoji update has received a mix of responses from fans of this popular chat app. One commenter said, “The snapchat update with the emoji code is giving me anxiety”. Another added, “what do each emoji next to the contacts name mean when you update Snapchat?”.

It’s true some people have experienced problems sending chats after the latest update on Android and the app even stopped working completely for a few users, but the topic of discussion is related to these new emojis within the app.


Some Snapchat users love emojis, but have been holding off installing the new Snapchat update for various reasons. Do you like the changes within the latest Snapchat update on both Android and iOS? Also, what’s your thoughts on the emoji next to names in your contact list? Leave your comments below, and of course let us know what you feel should change in the July 2015 update, if we receive one next month that is.

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  • Boose

    Still using version because of a certain SnapChat modification that hasn’t been updated yet. And honestly, I have no interest in updating SC until the version I’m using stops working.

    As for my opinion on the “emoji” update, I think it’s stupid. Nothing against emoji’s themselves, but rather how SC has incorporated them into the app. Shouldn’t be adding them next to the names in the contact list. They could, at least, give an option to remove them. But that’s always been my #1 issue with SnapChat, not enough customization, hence why I mod my SC app.

  • Rob

    I did find the emoji next to certain names a bit strange at first.