Unlock FFXIV Coming to Ishgard quest with location

For those that are about to start playing Heavensward Early Access, the first expansion for Final Fantasy 14, we have a heads-up for you on how to unlock the FFXIV Coming to Ishgard quest.

This is the main new scenario quest in the game, which requires either a level 50 Disciple of War or Magic. You’ll also need to know the FFXIV Coming to Ishgard quest location, which is inside the Intercessory after talking to Alphinaud.

This in itself is located in Coerthas Central Highlands (X:26 Y:17) and players will first need to complete the main scenario quest Before the Dawn before you can start the Coming to Ishgard quest in FFXIV.


Once you have those steps done, you’re all set to go and upon entering for the first time you’ll be treated to a short cutscene and can then start the official introduction with Heavensward appearing on the screen.

We’ve added a video for you below, which should make it a lot easier for those that want to know specifically how to find the Coming to Ishgard quest location.

The video is also very useful for those waiting until the full launch on June 23 as you can get an early heads-up on what requirements you need so you don’t waste any time.

For those that have already entered Intercessory, how are you finding the experience so far – are you loving it or not?



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