Final Fantasy 7 remake reaction from theater fans

By Alan Ng - Jun 19, 2015

We have seen the reaction of the live audience at Sony’s E3 conference to Final Fantasy 7, but what about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake reaction from those who were watching at theaters across the US and Canada thanks to the PlayStation Experience at E3?

Now though, we’re pleased to bring you some of those live reactions and they are even better than the one we saw inside Sony’s press conference arena.

This is a massive deal to many gamers, as Final Fantasy VII is widely regarded as the game that many gamers grew up playing during their childhood.


Eighteen long years later, it is finally coming back in a full remake so we totally understand the reaction having put months upon end playing the original and trying to clear the game to completion.

The moment that infamous music from Opening Bombing Mission kicks in, is the moment when fans really start to go nuts. We’ve added a selection of the best reactions below – enjoy them all and then let us know if you admit to having a similar reaction when you saw the trailer live for the first time.

Can you honestly still believe that this game is getting remade fully? Don’t forget to check out the ongoing debate on if the remake should have new features and also what name the remake should be called.

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  • Crona Gorgon

    That’s amazing, I would love to go back to playing that! Episode Duscae and Type-0 are what I an playing now (and finishing the harder sidequests in XII, already Knight if the Round, headed for Order of Ambrosia… Much fun), about to start IX, finishing my replay of X-2 for the other ending, the various Kingdom Hearts games, MKX, Ether One, Bravely Default (waiting for Bravely Second, looks great), the many Pokemon games, etc… I would be happy to add another game to play!