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Canon Connect Station CS100 availability setback

The release of the Canon Connect Station CS100 looks to have suffered a setback once again, as we have just learned that this new wirelessly accessible storage hub solely for camcorders and cameras will not be released until September. We are uncertain why the device has been delayed, although we are not sure how popular it is going to be anyway.

We say this because some people have said it is a lot of money for what it is, especially as its DR needs to be improved if it has any hope of success. Whatever the reason for the delay, we will find out in September if Canon is onto a winner with its Connect Station CS100 media hub.

Canon Connect Station CS100 release

What does it do? – If you find yourself staring at this and wondering what it is, then let us enlighten you. What we have here is a wireless device designed to backup your images or video footage taken on a camera or camcorder. There is 1TB of built-in storage that can be backed-up with ease via WiFi or NFC. Once stored on the Connect Station CS100, you will then be able to view your stored content through its intuitive menu system via a connected HDMI device.

You can also print images stored wirelessly with a supported printer, or via your computer connected to the storage hub. To be kept up-to-date of when the Canon Connect Station CS100 will finally be available keep checking with B&H Photo.



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