Shenmue 3 Xbox unlikely if Sony is funding

We have some more details to bring you now, on the brilliant news that Shenmue 3 is officially in development. It’s not necessarily good news for Xbox One owners however though, as it has been revealed that Sony is also helping to fund the project from their side.

It turns out that the Kickstarter project was just to gage interest. With the $2,000,000 project well and truly smashed in a matter of hours, that interest has now been met with open arms and now we know that Sony will be financially contributing to ensure that PS4 gamers get to enjoy the game once it’s ready.

After all, $2,000,000 seemed like a very low target when you think that it cost $70 million to make the original Shenmue on the Dreamcast back in 1999.


Sony confirmed that they will be funding the game at E3, stating that they are definitely a partner in Shenmue 3 and that their goal is to help YS Net get the game done.

So what does this mean with regards to seeing a version on Xbox? We already spoke about this aspect with a possible Xbox stretch goal in an earlier article, but now that looks unlikely.

Sony won’t want to be funding a game as a partner if it is also heading to the rival console. On the Shenmue 3 FAQ it reads that other platforms are ‘undecided’ but surely that fate is already decided with the game coming to PS4 and PC only.

What is your reaction to Sony funding Shenmue 3? Do you agree that $2,000,000 seemed like a very small goal to start off with?

Are you sad that Shenmue 3 is limited to two platforms only?



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