PSN down today with server status not working

By Alan Ng - Jun 17, 2015

It looks like PSN is down in US, UK and other parts of Europe again on June 17. The first thing that users will be looking at, is the official PSN server status checker to see if there’s any PSN maintenance for June 17.

Unfortunately though, it looks like Sony’s PSN status website isn’t working correctly or it certainly isn’t updated fast enough in realtime.

At the time of writing, the PSN sign in is down but the status website states that everything is working fine, with green ticks in all Sony services up and running without issue.


This is definitely not the real case though, as just head to this link to see that PSN is down for everyone else too.

As far as we’re aware, there has been no statement from Sony regarding the surprise PSN outage today and there isn’t any messages on the Ask PlayStation Twitter account either.

Let us know if PSN is not working for you right now in your area. Are you also disappointed that the official status checker, which is supposed to be new from Sony is not working in realtime accurately?

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  • tg

    Down in Texas. Has not been working for awhile now 🙁

  • Martin Jirak

    cant sign into psn on anything in Iowa

  • Flowingwind

    Glad I didn’t preorder the digital version of Batman Arkham Knight from PSN. I think I will preorder the game for Xbox One. I have a 2TB PS4 and 1TB Xbox One. PSN goes down too much. I feel bad for those that pre-ordered Batman Arkham Knight off PSN (no refunds). If PSN comes back up Monday they won’t be able to play the game at midnight because it couldn’t be preloaded. PSN down in Baltimore MD.

  • Jacoby Schneider

    My Ps4 isn’t Working with psn @cobyswaggyp

  • Summit-Fi HeadphonesMasterRace

    PSN down in Jupiter.

  • Jake Arpil

    Still down in Puerto Rico v_v it’s 7:30 PM, is this a hacker attack?

  • Miles

    It’s back up guys give it another try

  • Rob

    And up again

  • Rob

    Down in Arizona

  • Daniel McDonald

    Psn down in Alabama

  • Chico2103

    System down in new jersey

  • alepalva96

    Down in italy

  • HUMANX28

    PSN is down here in MN,US

  • Mert

    PSN down turkey

  • Mohamed

    Psn down in Germany

  • Reborn

    Down in Holland too

  • alexander lauderdale

    Psn down for me. Western Australia

  • Anonymous User

    PSN is definitely down

  • Charles

    Psn down in france

  • baggy

    Psn down Lincoln uk