Find Apple Watch reservations near you, select store

By Peter Chubb - Jun 17, 2015

If you head to the Apple UK Store today you will notice that a new Reserve & Pickup service has gone live, which coincides with the availability of the Apple Watch in stores. However, you need to be aware that availability will still be limited, although there is a way to see what store has stock.

Find Apple Watch reservations near you – Customers are now able to choose an Apple Watch and band combination online, just as 9To5 Mac did with the Sport model, and then choose the store they wish to collect it from.

Find Apple Watch reservations near you

This is the good part, because before you make that purchase you have the ability to select a store nearest to you that has the model you are after in stock. This will save a lot of time, although you might have to travel a little further than anticipated.

When you find a store nearest to you a message will then appear below telling you when you will be able to pick it up. So let us say we want the Apple Watch right now, and choose the nearest store, the message then reads, “This model is currently in stock at this store. Next available reservation is today at 12:00.”

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