Black Ops 3 Xbox DLC jealousy shows with ‘riot’ planned

By Alan Ng - Jun 17, 2015

We are now seeing some of the fallout on social media, after it was announced at E3 that Microsoft had lost their exclusive DLC agreement with Activision, with Sony now taking it up by partnering for Black Ops 3 DLC.

After so many years, you can imagine that Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners are not happy about this at all. Believe it or not, we’re now seeing that on Twitter, a worldwide trend has started for #XboxorweRiot from disgruntled fans.

Petitions are being set up by the minute, trying to get Activision to reverse the decision, although obviously we know that’s never going to happen.


Sony didn’t actually make a big deal about it at the event, only to say that Activision has partnered with Sony for DLC and that more details will be coming soon.

We don’t know how long the deal lasts, although Sony did say that it ‘starts’ with Black Ops 3, so it will be including future games too.

We thought this may happen prior to the event when we noticed a few peculiar instances going on. Now it’s been confirmed though and Call of Duty’s new home will be on PlayStation.

As an Xbox One or Xbox 360 owner reading this, do you think the reaction has been a bit immature? Do you plan to ‘riot’ with other gamers if Activision doesn’t change their mind?

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  • Pickle Smith

    Its time for these companies to stop provoking rivalries. why cant the COD dlc be released at the same time on xbox and playstation!?!?

    • Gem Kenneth


  • Shunsuke

    I’m really not trying to throw gas on the fire here but its things like this that makes me laugh when I hear Xbox gamers saying Playstation have the worst fans.

    What did we do last generation when Xbox got all the timed exclusive DLC and games? We took in stride but this just makes me sick and want to quit gaming. I don’t want to be lumped into a social tag with people like this. Hell I don’t want to share the classification of human as these people!

    • GaMEeR_bOi_83

      Why would you want to quit gaming over a bunch of 12 year olds crying over DLC?

      • Shunsuke

        Its really a swarm of things but this just pushed me over the edge. People claim games are incomplete when theres DLC coming out a month after the release. Console wars, re-releases, re-re-releases, and a lot of other things. I follow tons of game sites and studios on faecbook, twitter, this comment system so I always hear things and its always the same thing.
        Xbox gamers crying over timed exclusive DLC is just too much more so when last gen Xbox was getting everything first such as games and Sony players never cried about it we just said okay we’ll play *insert game* until it comes out for us.

    • Crona Gorgon

      Plus, that looks a lot harder to type XD I definitely agree, a lot of my favorite games were for a PlayStation of some sort, like the Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Project Diva games, but I do like other games, like Zelda or Yoshi:)

      (By the way… We will never stop being chuunibyou XD)

      • Shunsuke

        My avatar is a .gif but its not moving sadly. Its Rikku in the op spinning her finger.

    • Gem Kenneth

      Agreed. Playstation fans didn’t have a problem. I certainly didn’t, and I bloody enjoy COD. Playstation had an incredible line-up of exclusives and 3rd-party games to bide the time. Heck, being really honest here, I was playing Crash-Bandicoot long before I even heard of the existence of Xbox. How can any Xbox fanboy say that Playstation fans are the worst? Hell, Nintendo and Playstation share a rich gaming history, older than the entire life-cycle of Xbox.

      My point is, Playstation fans grew up. Xbox fanboys are still in their diapers.

  • Shane